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Hello. I don't think I've posted here before, so I'll introduce myself. I've worked at DICE as a senior artist for several years and have since studied art. I've finished my studies and I'm in the process of filling up my portfolio and plan to look for freelance work. I'm also a polycount lurker.


After being stuck on my last project for way too long, it felt really good to have finally finished it, but I wasn't happy about the time it took. To prove to myself that I hadn't lost the touch, I made this speed... uhm, project.

I made the basemesh -> sculpt -> retopology -> UVs -> textures and normal baking in less than eight hours. As can be expected, all aspects of the model can be improved a lot and although the whole point was to make it as fast I could, I'd be happy to hear your c&c.


Triangle count is 1712, maybe 1800 with the glasses. Modo, Mudbox and PS.

Thanks for watching!



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