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Anti Aliasing & Windows 7 x64

Has anyone had any trouble with Windows 7 x64 and anti-aliasing?

I'm trying to do some glory shots using Xoliul's shader in Max 2010 (x64) but I've found forcing anti aliasing in the nVidia control panel isnt having any effect unless I set max to use Dx10. Using directx 10, xoliuls shader no longer loads :( My gfx card is the 9800gt and I've used the 191.70 and 181.71 drivers and neither seems to work.

I've also tried 32bit Max 9 which also doesn't work with anti-aliasing, but the strange thing is Maya works fine with anti aliasing turned on in the nVidia control panel. I've tried setting up a similar shader in Maya by Brice but I'm fairly new to Maya and either I'm doing something wrong in the setup or it's not rendering the diffuse correctly.


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