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Ok guys, the school i'm attending requires all of its students to complete an internship before they can graduate. I'm currently about a year or so away from finishing school and I'm really looking to obtain a great internship to vastly improve my skill and workflow. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback on how you believe my artwork looks compaired to somebody working in the industry. My skills have grown so much over the past couples months its amazing, (lots of which came here) :D, that being said this currently is the best of my completed / WIP works.

In addition, if you've done an internship or are apart of a company that offers them would you mind giving me some information on how they went and what to expect?

Below are some image files (some WIP) All of the in game work has been grabbed from the max viewport. I used xoliul's shader for my shader of choice. There is one shot of the CAT futuristic digger that has been taken from marmoset. (the image with the 2 larger pictures of the CAT (with bloom)). Everything else is snapped out of zbrush or rendered out of max using mental ray.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I did not create the sci-fi CAT concept art.

PS. Should this go into General? I wasn't sure because I have art that i've not shown in here.




  • jocose
    Did you do the concept of the sci-fi CAT as well? Also, where are you from, were you planning on relocating for this internship?
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    NoltaN polycounter lvl 8
    I did not do the concept, It was out of a book my teacher provided. I meant to mention that in the original post. I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan and am willing to relocate anywhere (most likely) for the internship. Basically if I can afford to do it I will. But in all honesty. If I'm able to find a good company to intern with, the knowledge is so much more valuable than the money it would take to get me there.
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