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BradMyers82 greentooth
Well, torchlight is being officially released in about 9 hours from now, and I'm gonna pick it up right when I wake up tomorrow, Hurray! In case you don't know it's a really cool looking action RPG being released by Runic Games. It comes with the editor, so its win win either way!

Anyways, I decided to do a remake of one of the characters from torchlight, and put him in-game when the editor is released later this week.

Now I know, I know they just paint straight diffuse on the low poly, but I really wanted to get the forms down as a high poly first before jumping into low poly modeling and painting.

So, since I took the time to make this highpoly character, I'm gonna use it to bake AO, and get a head start on the diffuse. And of course, build the low poly around the highpoly.

Here are the specs I plan on using:
2,000 Tri Limit
1x 512x512 diffuse Map
1x512x512 self-illumination Map

Reference from Runic Games:

Sculpt, Mudbox 2010:

Sculpt, Mudbox 2010: With "Non-Photorealistic" Filter on (just looks cool imo, but not necessary for crits)

Hope you guy like it, any crits appreciated!


  • praxedes
    love that second render- it really captures the weight and fluidity of the forms and matches the art so well- good damn job!

  • oXYnary
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    oXYnary polycounter lvl 14
    Thats some dedication for a game not even out yet. :)

    Hey, if nothing else, you can use the high poly to bake AO on your low.
  • moose
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    moose Polycount Sponsor
    oXYnary wrote: »
    Thats some dedication for a game not even out yet. :)

    wha choo talkin bout! it was released today!

    cool model, though i prefer the non-sketch-renders :) LIke how you handled the bolts!
  • Neox
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    Neox sublime tool
    man the sketchrenderfunction in mudbox is so useless, doesn't look good and is zero tweakable, i'm wondering why exactly this was built in

    i'm not a fan of the design but you captured it well :)
  • Rory_M
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    Rory_M polycounter lvl 10
    Hey Brad, cool stuff! Can't wait to see the low poly. On a side note I think the legs look pretty stiff, I wish they were more an an angle, otherwise looks tight.
  • Cody
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    Cody polycounter lvl 12
    WOW, Brad! That is some great work! Only difference I really see is that in the concept the stance is a bit wider, but that can be posed. Can't wait to see the textures, but not until after the Unearthly of course! :)
  • vj_box
    Nice one Brad! I believe the eye is kinda bulging out in the concept which seems flat in yours.
  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 greentooth
    Thanks for the kind words and crits guys!
    Neox: Yeah, I find the sketchrender function actually pretty useful because it gives you a different view on the model. Sort of like when are doing 2d art and you flip it horizontally to see it from another perspective. Anyways, it helps me "see" the model better, when I have been looking at it for hours on end. Although I do agree with you, the options for the filter are certainly lacking.

    Well here is the WIP work, although its pretty much finished I'm still very interested in getting crits here.
    I was actually pimping this on the runic site and getting crits there, which is why I neglected this thread... :(

    Work in progress:
    High Poly painted in mudbox:
    Low Poly :
    First Pass texturing, Bake Results:
    Low Poly with normals, diffuse, Specular:

    This is the second version I did, intended for straight diffuse texture only:
    It has just the 1x 512x512 diffuse

  • Gryx
    Wow, very nice indeed, excellent model :).
  • JasonLavoie
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    JasonLavoie polycounter lvl 12
    I kiinnnndaaa perfer the one without the normal man, the normal to me is kinda killing this piece. In some areas it seems a bit too muddy as well....

    I don't know, the high is really well done, and then it kinda lose's its "thing" when it goes to the texturing stages, I don't know if things are too desaturated, or... details are getting muddied up a bit, but I think you should go back and mess around with the textures a bit more, maybe make a quick custom shader that may help kill those deep / dark shadows caused by your normal.

    I like this a lot, but I feel as though if you pushed the textures a bit more / messed around with the overall presentation, this could become a killer piece man :)

    Edit: ok so... this is kinda what I would go for - (colour wise) I think it COULD be the shadows that are killing it for me.
  • woogity
    pretty cool brad like the style and hard lines alot, you did nice work there. only crit ( and this isnt something i see in the concept, so feel free to ignore it) i think his chest and belly area should be a slightly lighter color than his back. Like it as is tho, and my suggestion might break the style of the piece a little, might just be something worth taking a look at.

  • brandoom
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    brandoom polycounter lvl 9
    Brad, sweet model!

    Really liking the over all style your going for here. I agree with Jay about some of the texture becoming muddy. I think that maybe you're trying to add too much tone/color variation for a 512 map. I think if you simplified the texture to just a base color with shadow and highlights it might show a little better; of course keep all the scars and what not.

    Looking good though :)
  • butt_sahib
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    butt_sahib polycounter lvl 10
    I personally love it :D has got your style in it aswell.
    Excellent work brad. Be proud!
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