Socom snow DLC map screens

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Hey dudes,

Looks like sony finally decided to show some screens of one of the 5 DLC maps for Socom: Confrontation I worked on here at BSG in collaboration with Slant 6.

This map is Vigilance, a remake of a socom 2 map from the ps2. I was responsible for half the buildings, textures , and the canal down the center with the destroyed bridge. textures are 512 or 1024 max.

Another artists here tackeled the other half of the buildings/textures, while another (quasar) handled the terrain. this is a fairly massive map and was really fun to work on. Ill post some screens of the other levels as they are released.

Also the dudes at slant 6 handled the lighting, FX, placed some props like the car and those flaming barrel cover pieces. so take a peep!



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