Wandering Mechanic

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ralusek polycounter lvl 7
So I just have the concept art atm. I currently don't have access to zbrush, so i'm holding off on the sculpt. I figure what better time than BEFORE I start to get feedback.

what do you think:


  • achillesian
    either you havent drawn the feet or he has dual prosthetic limbs, which i find cool, ad some tubes or clockwork to him and he'd be a kickass "mech"anic
  • P442
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    P442 polycounter lvl 8
    lol, is he hitchhiking by the beach?
    Seems like he could be a cool character. I like the proportions. I think he could use some tats, and cowboy boots.
  • ralusek
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    ralusek polycounter lvl 7
    lol ya i just didn't draw the rest of his legs. i don't know about the "mech"anic, i think there's enough steampunk going around these days =P. i tihnk i will go with the tats though, he does need to adobt a rougher look.

    are you thinking Heart w/ Mom Ribbon? XD
    i kid
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