Environment Concept

Hi All,

Today i started a Environment Concept (First Time) so, there are lots of perspective problems but still i am drawing to paint everything whatever coming in my mind.

After completing it I'll model and texture it.

Here it is.... WIP


Hope you like it.

I want some feedback on it form you guys plz help me to improve my drawing skills.



  • StJoris
    That's not bad at all for a first drawing.

    But now the purpose to me is not so clear, is it mainly to serve as ideaboard for your modeling&texturing or rather improving your drawing abilities?

    If it's ideas your after, then you might want to more deliberately express concepts and look critically at what elements you are proposing in your scene. So when I look very objective to the scene you sketched I see: flat sort of artificial surface with a canal in the middle, a bridge, a sling of lamps, 3 lonely buildings and no people. Now I'm not sure what the idea behind it is, but it seems maybe somewhat uncohesive?

    The lamp thing is pretty interesting tho, why not make it a unique quality of your scene?

    Also I would think maybe a bit more about the way of presenting, now you've chosen sort of 45 degree angle birdseye view of a space, which is awesome for overviews, except that there's not so much to overview here. I like the value painting in itself, usually it's best at showing the emotion/feel of a space, and that's where birds eye is maybe less fitting compared to eye level.

    Basicly boils down to 2 suggestions: focus your design, present it in a medium and angle that is fitting for what you want to show.

    Unless your focus is on improving drawing skills, then I don't really have much crits, I'd say maybe try gnomon, there's a really good guy with perspective and shading.

    Ok sorry for the invasive long post and direct approach, I hope it is usefull in some way.
  • garriola83
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    garriola83 greentooth
    help your drawing?
    why dont you use some perspective to start off with? if you wanna learn how to draw, go back to fundamentals and not detail right away.
  • SmartDevil
    thank you guys to help me to understand what i am doing. I make this concept more meaningful.
  • SmartDevil
    Here is another snapshot of what i am doing right now.

    Right now i corrected its perspective and trying to make it more meaningful.
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