A stylised videogames character that was created for a game concept, where the character would be able to use magnetic powers to collect tokens, known as Positrons and Negatrons. The character comes to 5,262 triangles and uses a 512 colour, specular, normal and emissive map. The model is rendered in real time in the 3DS Max viewport, using a custom DirectX Shader created by Laurens Corijn - http://www.laurenscorijn.com/.


Crits, comments, or just general words of wisome are welcome :)


  • poopinmymouth
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    I love the white tubes on his back, but why don't they cast light all over the back of his helmet and his shoulders? I'm assuming you made them full bright but didn't put a light source in the middle of them to emulate their light emmitence? That's my first suggestion.

    I like the design, but it feels very vanilla in proportions. If you want a simple design like this, the silhouette has to carry the whole model, and right now he's a bit too tubular in the limbs and torso. Get some slight stylized anatomy going with evidence of knees, elbows, and shoulders.

    Also his visor really needs some different lighting. It's so jet black, it really needs a reflected light source to show off it's volume.
  • Ibi
    Cheers for the comments, mr.poop.

    I was so focused on the head and light pack, I neglected to make the rest of his body interesting. Certainly plenty of room for improvement.
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