Forest Rock Trog: 3d concept


Hey polycounters, besides just showcasing some of my work, i have a question. Where does 3d concepting stand in the industry? I know during el coros lecture on weapon design that he actually made a rough in maya to help him make the ortho, much like how i did this character in zbrush. Using 3d for 2d concept art can be very helpful, but how does it fit into the industry?

Do people that make concept art never model?

If you are modelling something as a concept are you expected to model the entire thing, or model it roughly and touch it up with photoshop until you have a perfect 2d concept?

are you expected to turn over the 3d model for the modeller/animator to use in the modelling procedure?

Do any of these questions ever come up?

Thanks, for looking, and answering questions if you do.

I'm wondering these things because i find that i can pretty much draw out or model any concepts i have in mind, and do okay, but when it comes to laying out flats, animating, rending, low poly modelling etc, i have a tough time.


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