Illidan [WiP]

Hey everyone, I wanted to start a thread for my next project I've been working on. I started this the other day, and plan to finish all the way to a game model for my portfolio.

Ill be posting updates as I go. C & C Welcome.


*I'm not a fan of the clothing right now, it was pretty quickly done as a placeholder, I'll most likely go back and spend some time redoing that stuff.



  • verybad
    Looks good, my crits would be the horns don't look like part of the skull, they're just look slapped on, and the eye cover needs to look like it attaches somewhare, probably best if it goes arround the skull.

    THe feet and ankles could use detailing as well so it looks like there's structure underneath.

    The placement of the horns seems a bit off to me as it makes the head constantly have to fight against an offbalanced heavy weight. centering their point of gravity mroe with the rest of the build would sell it better. Could do that by either overmassing the back and neck mussule structure (beyond where that are already!), and or actually moving the horn back. look at large horned animals like hellboy,wildebeest, and african antelops for ideas

    The horns center of mass are based further back and don't place so much weight forward. except during a charge.

    Great start!
  • woogity
    Good start sir. CRITS! :D

    i think if you are going true to the characte, he is far too bulky. illadin is extremely toned, but hes not bulky to that extent more athletic. Sculpting on the face( whats visible) and neck, are pretty damn nice at the moment good work there.
    Verybad's comment on the horns is a good one, tho the characters original design is a bit awquard, it dosnt hurt to use refs from nature.
    Biggest crit atm would be that the legs seem formless under the pants, they are too perfectly round and lack the definition of the upper body. also if im not mistaken ( and ive played a loooot of warcraft) illadin dosnt have double jointed legs, he still has human or rather night elf legs. with bandaged feet

    gl on updates! looking cool so far!

  • ralusek
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    ralusek polycounter lvl 7
    i mean it's your choice, since illidan has been shown in a variety of styles, but i personally agree that he needs to be a lot leaner.

    i like to think of him as looking like this:

    so i'd take away some of the "buff dad" look, and give him more of a "buff elf" look. i mean after all, he is night elf, not american wrestler.
  • ralusek
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    ralusek polycounter lvl 7
    here is his in-game model (which i always hated).

    so ya, he does have the hooves, but i think this model was done terribly:

  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    hey, looking cool. i say keep the body style you have now. its lookin pimp so go with it. Work with making the horns mesh better with the head and maybe work with the hooves. They sorta just blend in with the legs so some sorta border between skin and hoof might be nice.
  • chademond
    Hey guys, thanks for the crits. I've actually been considering leaning him down a bit, not sure about everything yet. The horns and feet are really still WIP, so thats why they look like utter crap.
  • torontoanimator
    awesome! but i definitely agree that the proportions are a bit off, night elves arent quite so barrel chested lol
  • woogity
    ah i stand corrected post frozen throne he is depicted with the re-curved hooved legs. that first painting by ralusek is damn nice, might concider going for that look
  • OrganizedChaos
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    OrganizedChaos polycounter lvl 12
    Just wanted to add that there's a couple images of the high resolution model they used at the back of the burning crusade concept art book. Which is well, pretty much exactly what you're doing :)
    You could also check out the real life sculpture for ref.
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