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Playing through Arkham Asylum I realized I dont know as much as I thought I did about batman. One character in particular; Prometheus. The concept art for Prometheus was awesome, even though hes a villain, I thought it would be a great excercise for anatomy. So Heres Prometheus, granted theres not much yet changed about the overall design of the char and this is my first anatomical model. I think I did well, but Im up for advice about what to change. The mid section gave me a lot of problems but the rest of the models anatomy looks good.

Because he doesnt wear a lot of armor I need to model his physique to some extent areas Im concerened about are the mid section and lack of definition on his sides and the legs/arm muscles. Also, If anyone can give me any tips about setting up cloth Id appreciate it, especially since his cape is all bunched up at the neck. The first pic is the reference.
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  • Muzzoid
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    Muzzoid polycounter lvl 9
    Modelling in t-pose may be easier but man it really destroys the feel of the character. Always try and model it in a more relaxed position. It really does help.

    Also give the poor man a ribcage :).

    Keep going!
  • Canden Picard
    LOL yeah, I was having trouble with the ribcage, Ill work on it.
  • Muzzoid
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    Muzzoid polycounter lvl 9
    I think the best bet would be to cut back as much detail as you can, and get the anatomy right before you go any further :).

    Also try not to optimise the mesh till your finished, keep it in quads for as long as possible, as it just makes a cleaner mesh to work with. (can't select proper edge loops with so many tris).
  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator
    yeah Id stick with muzzs suggestion, you could even go back to just making a basemesh man with nice evenly spaced quads and then sculpt the anatomy so that its not so rigid and mechanical like youve currently built it.
  • Canden Picard
    Well, I had taken a little break from max. I finished the geometry for the most part, Im not sure if ill add any extra parts, as long as I dont cap 10k ill can add stuff, satches, packs, a holster for his bat etc. I need some advice on the cloth modifier. Basically the collar and the cap itself are 2 different pieces, so IM not sure where to start with that also the armor, should I use the various techniques you guys clued me in on or should I make it part of the mesh?
    Heres a clip with base materials for an Idea of where the colors stand
  • torontoanimator
    looks quite cool :) the helmets my fave part
  • praxedes
    Muzz has an essential truth- for a good while I tried to model a mesh that was both game optimised AND hi-res sculpt/ZB/Mudbox friendly- and all my stuff was really crappy and no fun at all to do.

    If a hi res sculpt such as ZB will be part of the workflow for this, don't worry about the low res- I don't even make any pow res parts until the whole hi res is finished. I just bang together any old evenly quadded shape that'll modge up into what I need in ZB if it's organic, or I model a proper "loads of polys" sub-d based mesh for my hard surface. I'm not exactly an expert but I am pretty sure this is the optimal approach.


    PS regards poses- people do it different ways but I find a 45 degree angle on the arms is a more natural pose.
  • BeatKitano
    Basicaly it goes like this:

    Quad mesh for sculpting
    Sculpt outputed at medium res > retopo low poly.

    If you do the low res before, you will be stuck with the shape of the low and will get a generic uninteresting high res mesh.
  • Canden Picard
    well essentially, I tried to stick with the 4 sided quads and optomize as I progressed, SO basiaclly the chest was like a 10 sided poly at first and I cutit and cut it until it looked right.
  • Canden Picard
    Heres a posed Prometheus in a scene, He just busted out apparently. I know, some thing could be better, If you have any advice on creating rubble Id appreciate that.
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