Yet Another gun -Hand gun WIP

Hey guys. I'm in love with hard surface modelling now and I'm getting used to it. See my Heavy machine gun thread for my other WIP.

Was so bored I started to make a handgun.



  • Ihazard
    nice, make sure that the ejection port comes down moreso on the right as it does with real handguns (this is so that the ejected shells dont fall back onto the ejection port) here you can see it on a USP. I like what you've done so far though, it looks old fashioned but also futuristic :o looking forward to seeing more!
  • Taylor Hood
  • Taylor Hood

    I know I'm gonna be hated on for this but I'm not sure if the trigger is fine like that ;P
  • Kitteh
    Trigger/trigger guard is way way way too small. Not even a toddler would be able to fit their finger in that (assuming the gun isn't ginormous)
  • P442
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    P442 polycounter lvl 8
    what kind of ammo does this use? If standard bullets, where does the clip go? I ask because the curve of the handle doesn't look like it would accomodate the clip sliding in and out.
  • Taylor Hood
    Thanks for the suggestions and fixes guys. I'mma go fix em'. Also, you can probably tell and I said this before but I'm not a gun techy - More of a fantasy guy ; P But I love to play both genres, haha. Later.
  • Taylor Hood
    Here is the new trigger. Erm, I'm really not sure but I was going for something like the halo pistol which is pretty far out in terms of size to the trigger I guess. Thats my excuse for not knowing how big the trigger should be! Well, this is my first ever high poly gun. I think I'm making a good job of it.
    ;P peace.

    EDIT :::: The handle is gonna be curved because its a sci fi gun basically. I'm gonna add more sci fi features to it. I mean, think of HL2 guns.. I'm sure a curved handle can be accepted ;P

  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 greentooth
    LoM Chaos: Do you have any concept art, or are you just winging it?

    The reason I ask is, it's just really hard to crit this since you are making some sort of fictional weapon.

    So far the modeling looks pretty good, but I'm trying to wrap my head around your design choices and overall functionality of this gun. If you do not have a proper concept, I think this is a big mistake. Especially for a gun because there are a lot of people who can easily spot design and functionality flaws. Good luck though, and I look forward to seeing how this turns out.
  • Taylor Hood
    Thanks Brad. I was like "Ah shit" When I saw you posted. You helped me on some stuff on my other account a few months ago. LOL.

    I was studying the glock. Since I'm not a gun techy as I've mentioned several times I actually think that it looks like it could function alright. But what do I know, right?

    What are the major flaws you can see? Is the bent handle a real problem?
  • beartraps
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    beartraps polycounter lvl 8
    Agreed 100 % with Brad. While you are trying to further your hard surface skills and this doesnt look bad, you are not being challenged. By modeling a real gun, you will be challenged by saying to youself "fuck, how an i gonna model this!?", but thats the point!

    Also, Its hard to point out flaws when there is nothing in reality to base the gun off of. You could potentially say "well that's the way its supposed to be!" u know what im sayin?

    But yea dude, I would def put this on hold and model a real gun. There is plenty of reference out there to get you started and you will most definitely be challenged.

    Good luck!
  • Taylor Hood
    I see what you were saying. I really like this, is there anything that can actually make it be a "real" gun? I think it is.. I mean, it has ..... all the parts, right?

    Thanks guys.
  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 greentooth
    LoM Chaos: Well man, I'm not a gun guy either tbh. but like P442 said, It doesn't seem to have a place that the clip would slide into for one. Now you might say that it would go in the handle or something, but it doesn't look like it atm.
    Again, since I'm not a gun person, I can't tell you specifics. All I can say is it looks off atm, and to a gun person, it will look really off.

    When I posted my Kriss WIP thread, I was actually quite nervous because I know there are a lot of really knowledgeable people with guns on this forum, which have a very critical eye that can easily pick out errors.

    So if you're not a gun guy, I would really avoid making fictional guns because of these facts. It's far more practical to make a real guns that people can properly evaluate.

    It's like character modelers who make monsters. Monsters are cool, but it's better to make humans imo.
    Although making humans can be boring at times, people will quickly be able to evaluate your skills when you have finished.

    I'm not saying you have to quit this, do what you want. But imo your sort of setting yourself up for failure I am afraid.
    Good luck, no matter what you choose!
  • Taylor Hood
    Yeah, I see what you're saying there Brad. I'm just glad I got a semi - decent shot of a high poly there. It was good fun. ; D
  • Harry
    The design is kind of broken, you just have parts clipping in wherever, maybe consider where that trigger is actually going, for example, and how it might work? Where does the ammo come from?
  • AsaNYC
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    AsaNYC polycounter lvl 8
    Think of it like you would a person or a car. Even if it is a fictional design, or the character has pink hair and big muscles - it still needs to be based off of reality to read naturally to an audience.

    Trying to stylize something you don't understand the basis of is always hard.
  • Taylor Hood
    Lol, this thread was in the graveyard.
    I know what you mean tho.
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