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BG 7 big gun

polycounter lvl 17
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Sage polycounter lvl 17
I was playing around with shading... I had a rather ugly drawing of a big gun and decided to redo it in Photoshop since I liked some things about it. This is it, I call it BG 7. It's my attempt at making a big gun. I shoot 50 caliber rounds. I probably should of looks them up though, to draw them accurately Let me know what you think. Thanks. I think I might model this in Silo to learn how to use it.




  • ArYeS
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    ArYeS polycounter lvl 8
    I like your drawing, but when looking in concept i see some issues.

    1. There is no logical way to hold this gun, because there is no place to put your left arm.
    2. Shoulder support is way to high, it would force you to hold gun half-rambo way. If you want your hun to be held like that, consider what sighting mechanism will u implement.
    3. As you said, fix .50cal bullets.
    4. Is there a magazine or whats the idea with that bunch of bullets on concept?
  • Sage
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    Sage polycounter lvl 17
    The bullets go in the clip that is above, it. I was trying to figure out a way to hold the gun. It's mean to be held around the waist area. The supporting hand goes near the barrel. I might move the clip back a bit to allow for an easier way to hold it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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