Stone Fountain

OK so first WIP post up is a fountain I am making for the student game project I am on. Doing the Hi-P in Zbrush, got a couple pieces together so far...


I've been working mostly with clay tubes set with a low focal point and some slash2 for the shaping on the tops of the stones... but if anyone has other methods of making stone, (especially slate like stone) lemme know.. still kinda in the experimental stages of Zbrush:)

Everything but the center piece is going to be mirrored when it goes into the engine so the symmetry is on purpose...

C&C welcome...

Oh and noob question... how the hell do you render an image in zbrush-_-


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    You really should get the base blockout of the entire fountain down first before you start sculpting. You also need to look at some reference of fountains.

    As it is right now your bricks are floating in air as there is no way to hold them up. Also bricks overlap each other which gives them strength so the mortar isnt all in a strait line.

    If you wanted a fountain with a kind of support-less outside like you have that would really only be done in concrete, metal or plastic. And even then it would have to have some place to anchor all that weight.

    I suggest getting some reference for a fountain close to the style you want and going from there.
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