Game Art Workshop - Workshop #3


Objectives: High/Low/Uv/Bake/Texture

Polygon Limit: 3000 tris
Texture Limit: 1024

The idea in this workshop is to make a melee weapon of your choice. It can be something ranging from a 2*4 piece a wood to drain pipes to a dildo if you want. If you can swing with it, you can make it. Here are some examples.




The goals and focus points, are pretty much the same as the other workshop, the only diference is the ammount of work involved this time. Which is considerably less.

Goals/Focus points

Chosing a concept:
Pretty much what you want is to choose a concept that will enable you to go thru all the milestones of the workshop. Try and choose something that can be translated well to the lowpoly and will motivate you to continue.


Focusing on creating a usable asset more so than duplicating the source. By this we mean, what shapes will you simplify or modify to make it easier on the lowpoly? Can you combine shapes, or change features to be more suitable to normals projection? What can you do to produce the highpoly quickly enough to finish the other stages on time?

How will you use the polys allotted to represent the the shapes in the highpoly, where will you add extra geometry to get better bakes?

Where can you mirror sections? Are there any sections that would be better suited for a tiling texture, if so can you include that in your main texture? Where should you break your uvs apart to help with any hard edges you may put into your lowpoly?


How will you go about baking, explode bake? Will you set up a custom cage, or just use the ray distance?

Well.. nothing much to say here. Try to make your best on the given specs.


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