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TF2 Lowpoly

k heres the rundown i have Spaceys lowpoly players, weapons STJoris's props fully functional and working in-game and i have started working on the unlockables using modified versions of Spaceys weapon models. (model editing and uv-mapping) I can model edit but not model (pitiful huh?)so i need someone to model the rest of them. Heres the most recent screen of the render and the unlockables both before and after texturing. (and speaking of texturing the models dont have to be textured[i have someone working on textures] just uv mapped [if you cant or dont have the time to uv map then ill do my best)

WiP page here

(bright textures for texturer to understand where everything goes but mostly overlayed on existing textures[bet'cha cant guess which ones are which in the left picture])

Just PM me if you want to help there will be a checklist of models that need to be done (i will probably ask for the sentries and dispenser as well but ive been having my doubts)
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