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Game Art Workshop - Workshop #1 Extended 1 week!

Bi-Monthly Game Art Workshop - Workshop #1

Alright guys, since this is the first workshop we're going to keep this one simple, we've got some cool ideas for some more indepth stuff later down the line, but we've got to see how this works out first.

Start date: Monday June 8th
End date: Monday June 22nd

We'll keep this one simple, and just focus on creating a Highpoly sub-d mesh. There are no restrictions on polycount or anything technical like that. Just load up your favorite app and model! You are free over course to do low/bakes/texture etc, but for the first workshop the sub-d model is all that will be required.

This first topic will be:

EOTech, Lots of nice overlapping and intersecting details should provide a nice challenge. There are multiple models which should provide a little bit of freedom and variation as well.

wol_error.gifThis image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1401x1153.MISC-032.jpg

More references here:

http://www.imagereferencedatabase.co...t-141-140.html Good refs from just 1 model
http://www.pixagogo.com/2722774636 Good refs from multiple models

Bitmap edit:
Took the liberty to download all the pics from both sites and making them available in a zip file. Here they are.
ImageReference site: http://www.edgesize.com/forum/Workshop1/EOTECH.zip
Pixagogo site: http://www.edgesize.com/forum/Workshop1/EOTECH2.zip


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