Any Polycounters live in Montreal?

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Hey guys,
So on Sunday me and another artist from Big Sandwich are shipping out to Montreal to work with the fine fellows at EA for 3 months.

I think I've seen some ppl from Montreal on here and maybe we could meet up at some point for a beer or 10. I mean it may be super awkward at 1st but hey, after I roofie your drink, the making out will come naturally, haha jk, however I can make no gaurntees I wont be making dashingly rougish glances/passes at the fine ladies of Montreal at every turn.

also anyone who knows any fun things to do there shout it on out. I have been there once before but only for a day, loved walking through the old part of town and taking in all the dope buildings, super inspiring.

I'm pretty stoked for this lil trip and am super glad I am going in spring/summer so I can enjoy strolling the city and taking tons of texture ref. will post pics of the journey at some point, if i survive.

cheers fellas


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