Wanted: Weapons of Fate

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Hey guys,
Anyone else try this game at all besides the demo?

I gave it a rent today and passed it in about 4.5 hours, so it was pretty short, but it was pretty dope. I really had fun with the bullet curving stuff, that mechanic never got old with the slo mo folling the bullet.

I was pretty impressed with the art, especially the environments, some great texture work, a few textures look straight outta CG textures but meh overall it looked really polished.

the character models looked ok, the clothing and leather suites looked pimp, the hair....not so much. also I seemed to be killing the same 4-5 enemies the entire game.

I kinda wish there was a little more variety in the weapons, only 2 pistols really, but the second pair shoots fucking exploding bullets which was completely over the top and awesome.

Overall this game was really enjoyable while it lasted and Im glad it ended before the fun wore off which would have been in a couple more hours I think. Nice work to all the dudes at Grin, Ive really been looking forward to all the games you guys are putting out, some dope projects at that studio for sure.

cheers fellas.

**oh also if any of you guys work at Grin and wanna share some of the artwork with us plz go right ahead and post'er up :D


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