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Zbrush to max & to zbrush?

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Psyk0 polycounter lvl 18
Hey guys, i'm having some problems with import/export between Zbrush and max, here's what i did:

-Exported base mesh from max, without texture coordinates
-Sculpted up to level 4
-Exported lowest level back to max - i'm keeping it as editable mesh to keep vert order
-Created new uv's
-Tweaked some of the volume on the lowest level
-Exported back to zbrush = fail :(

No matter what i do, importing back from max kills all the levels, only uv's get updated.

Tried default max 9 obj import and guruware.

I've followed this procedure...
The process to transfer a model from ZBrush to 3ds Max and back to ZBrush seamlessly is as follows. The OBJ file may be moved endlessly between applications as long as the vertex order remains unchanged. (Vertex order is changed by cutting new faces, deleting faces, or reordering on import.) You may change UVs and vertex position without destroying your sculpture. This even includes reposing your mesh! Use the following process any time you transfer your model between 3ds Max and ZBrush.

1. In ZBrush set Tool:Geometry:SDiv to 1. Export using Tool:Export

Save the mesh as an OBJ file.

1. In 3ds Max go to the File>Import option box and select OBJ for file type. Make sure that Single is set, to import as a single object.

2. Make any positional or UV changes you want and export the OBJ again.
3. In ZBrush at Tool:Geometry:SDiv = 1, and with the tool corresponding to your model selected, go to Tool:Import and select the new OBJ file. The UVs will automatically update to the ones in your new OBJ file.


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