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hey guys,

So my recent project I am on is using maya 2008 and I am finding whatever they did to the cut tool (split polygon) has turned it into a frustrating sack of shit.

if you turn off edge snapping so you can say cut geometry based on a texture over 50% of the time when you go to end the cut, it just disappears. sometimes if you do the exact same cut in magically works. other times i have to cut in a bunch of other edges to support the cut then clean them out later, which is a pain in the ass.

this is opposed to maya 7 where you can seemingly make any craaaaazy cut you want and it works 99% of the time, ive cut in brick outlines, board ends,concrete damage etc and it all worked beautifuly.

now with this new version it really is making me want to hulk smash my keyboard, especially with a tight deadline. Some factors I can think maybe are effecting it are: non planar faces, maybe its just getting confused and freaking out I dunno, but sometimes it wont work even on just a plane.

someone suggested its not liking the way its creating the vert order or something hence the reverse cut sometimes working.

worst case scenario I can edit the .MA to make it openable in maya 7, and do most of my cutting in there but ideally it would be nice to just have it work in 2008, I really dont understand why that tool seemingly took a nose dive into a shit pile.

cheers dudes and thanks in advance for any advice.


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