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Paulewog polycounter lvl 8
So I have been working on a 3d character concept off and on for a little while now. I thought I would post up a thread to get some feedback on what I've got so far. I know there are some problem areas like parts of his ears and necklace, but If there is anything else that yall wanna say, feel free!

I have the low poly entirely modeled. Right now I am working on the high poly sculpt and baking out sections of the normal maps and ambient occlusion maps. I would really appreciate any tips when it comes to zbrush or normal maps in general since I have little experience with either. This is actually my first model to get normal maps, yay experimentation?

Here are a few images:




any input on how to improve the character or model would greatly be apreciated.

peace. :)


  • nrek
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    nrek polycounter lvl 9
    Hey man nice to see you finally posting some stuff! The character is looking great so far. The only thing I can say so far about the normals is that you might want to define the muscles in the neck a little more. You should put up a few wireframe shots and that cool concept sheet you did so people get a better idea of what your aiming for with the character. I look forward to seeing some updates.
  • Paulewog
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    Paulewog polycounter lvl 8
    here is the character sheet i worked up for this character to give you guys a clear idea of what i am going for, i am having some difficulties baking the his hat so i may post up my problems later but i am pretty sure i know how to fix it.
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