Dennis Muren vancouver siggraph presentation

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So the local Siggraph chapter is having a week or so long Spark FX film festival kinda thing with lots of guest speakers this month, lots of amazing topics to choose from but the one that caught my eye in a roguishly tantalizing fasion was this one:

Tickets are $15 for members $25 for everyone else

" Weaving the Real and Imaginary in Visual Effects
with Dennis Muren "

Its not really game related but this is a chance to see one of the original ILM dudes talk about their craft. Im sure most of you know who dennis muren is if not google a pic of him and im sure you will instantly recognize him if you are a star wars/Jurassic park fan.

should be awesome, maybe see some of you there, if you want to go act fast these sell out quick.


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