1st shipped title - Socom confrontation :D

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Hey guys,

I am currently at Big sandwich games and we had the great opportunity to work with Slant Six on Socom confrontation for the ps3.

I was responsible for the creation of frostfire and the extraction helicopter while 2 other team members were tasked with re creating desert glory and various cars and trucks.

hahaha it was a little intimidating the 1st day on the job when i found out I was gonna be responsible for creating a whole level by myself but it all worked out fine thanks to great leadership and communication at both BSG and Slant.

I modeled and textured all the main geo in the level and after we handed it off to slant their lighters did a bang up job as well as some texture tweaking took place to wrap the whole thing up.

here is a flythrough of frostfire, Ill post up some more screenies once i grab some.

frostfire flythough



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