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_Gr9yFox_ polycounter lvl 10
What do you guys do to keep motivated? I mean, I've been trying to finish a model I've started to salvage before and then redone from scratch. I still feel like it's not done but even looking at it brings me pain and I know it is still going to take a while until it's finished.

How do you guys save yourselves from boredom?


  • RyRyB
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    RyRyB polycounter lvl 16
    I just put on some good music and don't think about the work that it's going to take to finish. Break up work into smaller goals. Instead of saying "I need to finish this project by the end of the week," think "I need to finish this small section tonight."

    If you are stuck in one area, move to a different area. And sometimes, you just need to take a break. An hour break or even taking the night off will be beneficial.

    In a larger scope, I'm a firm believer in balance. As much as I want to saturate myself in artwork and video games, I make a point to exercise, hang out with friends, learn new hobbies, go to live shows, road trips, etc. These things can really help let your creativity breathe every once in awhile.
  • Joao Sapiro
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    Joao Sapiro polycounter
    if something is boring you , start something new, and try to finish, not finishing stuff will make you less and less motivated to finish other stuff.

    Also avoid procrastination.
  • arshlevon
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    arshlevon polycounter lvl 14
    exercise! i can say more than anything that working out for an hour every morning has kept me focused all day on what i am doing. and my back stopped hurting.
  • EarthQuake
    I'll try to avoid procrastination tomorrow.
  • RyRyB
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    RyRyB polycounter lvl 16
    EarthQuake wrote: »
    I'll try to avoid procrastination tomorrow.

    Why do today what I can put off doing until tomorrow! :)

    Along the same vein, I find that if there is something is nagging at me while I am working (dishes, laundry, chores, bills, etc.), it's beneficial to me to get those things taken care of. Setting up your workspace to have as little distraction as possible will help get the most out of the time you do spend on your artwork.

    Either way, what works for me will not necessarily work for anyone else. I can be hyper-organized at times (go go Type A!) and I've learned that I just have to run with it.
  • TWilson
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    TWilson polycounter lvl 16
    Gonzo has it right about focusing on the moment instead of the big picture. It sounds like the wrong thing to do but this is how you enjoy anything. Think about sports or sex or something where you instinctually get into the moment instead of thinking about babies. The same thing goes for creating art.

    Multi-tasking makes you stupid. Try not to work with the TV on or something in the background.

    If you don't know what to do next on your project ..just do anything. Start foolin around and it will come to you. Action generates inspiration.
  • _Gr9yFox_
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    _Gr9yFox_ polycounter lvl 10
    Exercise is a nice tip, and one I started recently. It really works. Music is something I use all the time. Without it I almost can't work and I actually call it "fuel" most of the time.

    I still fight against procrastination and in the last couple of days I had severe casualties because of it. Today I'm winning so far.

    I guess I'll take johny's tip and start something new the next time I feel like banging my head against the keyboard. I have so much stuff to finish I felt like trying to finish it all in a row but seeing something new here and there will certainly help.

    Sometimes I really need to stop looking at what I'm doing for a while in order to look at it better the next time. Yep, new stuff sounds good. I'll try to keep it small.

    Thanks guys.
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 16
    Rather than trying to start something new, start something different.
    If you're making a 3d model and you're losing interest, take some time out and do some sketches of anything you like, or go for a walk and look for interesting things to photograph.
    Read a book or a comic. Watch a movie that you've heard was really good but you never got around to watching. Look for websites or books by artists whose work inspires you.
    Then you should probably find that your interest in what you gave up on is returning.

    What I would probably try NOT to do, is start another equally huge project. If you're in the middle of modelling/sculpting a detailed and complex character, don't start a new one with the intent to finish another detailed and complex character or vehicle. Otherwise you'll just end up with TWO unfinished complex models.

    If you have to keep it digital, try a quick sculpt or speedmodel in a completely different style or theme, or do some digital painting. Keep it quick, simple and try to make it as different as possible to what you were working on.

    That way you will be able to get back to your "big project", re-energised because you've been doing something completely different. Just gives your brain something else to engage it for a while... freeing you from drudgery.

    Oh, and exercise works well too, as you are finding :)
  • aesir
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    aesir polycounter lvl 13
    drink lots of caffeine, put on good loud music, maybe put on a movie you've seen on a nearby tv, be in a good mood, GO.
  • RyRyB
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    RyRyB polycounter lvl 16
    And since I'm on lunch...

    Learning his a huge source of inspiration and motivation for me, as I'm sure with just about everyone on this board. As with work duties, I try to roll in something new into personal work. Whether it's a new process/workflow, program, style, etc., I find that it helps me stay excited about the project at hand.

    A lot of times the new things I learn at home will have a benefit to work, it's just a matter of how to apply the new skills, insight, etc to the work environment.

    "If it's not new, it's through."
    - Chris Rock
  • easterislandnick
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    easterislandnick polycounter lvl 14
    I think that "thats life" Poly modelling is'nt always a barrel of laughs. One of the hardest lessons in 3d jobs is that you will get some boring assignments in the real world of games. I run a team and get to give out work to people but I spent my afternoon modifying the girth of 100 player torso models because our player base has complained about a recent update. Life is often dull but having the ability to power through and get to the interesting stuff is a real gift.
  • Blaizer
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    Blaizer interpolator
    i do several things to don't fall in procrastination and get motivated. Without not much success sometimes hehehe

    When you feel you haven't got "GAS" (or fuel to go on, call it like you want), i recommend to do a save of the 3d file and inmediately close the program and start another different task (nothing related with 3d if possible, due that monotony kills). 3d is something that takes a long time to acomplish or finish (more now), so if you don't see an end, you can get easily desmotivated.

    1. don't stay sitted on the chair more than 2 hours, get up a take a break (drink a coffee, a red bull, or whatever you want to have like a kit kat hehe, talk with your coworkers, etc.)

    2. You can start something new and different, BUT easy to finish and funny to do. Personally, i go to my drawing table, and i do several concepts with pencil. i also ink. If you disconnect from the computer a bit, better. Drawings are done in minutes, and you get plenty satisfaction when you finish. You will earn points of motivation hehehe.

    3. Listen music!, a huge collection and not the same bored playlist :D. Repeated music ends being like "Noise". Where's my ipod?

    4. Read a comic or try to get some minutes of "evassion" with something entertaining (don't read webs or chat)

    5. Avoid distractions. If you are working, and you are chatting or reading websites some minutes yes, some not, avoid that habit. Focus on what your are doing. If you break your "work line", you surely will get desmotivated due that another things calls more attention, 3d becomes a boring thing and pass to be in a second plane.

    Exercise is something good, but is always "to start something new", so we fall in what ppl call procrastination. Due that, i recommend to put all the efforts on finishing the model we had and not get the excuse of exercise. You will be fatigued anyways, and finishing your work means exercise too. If someone is a noob modelling, it's a bit different only. Give yourself a GOAL and follow the path till you reach it :), no matter if you are a noob.

    Generally, DISCONNECT is the Best way to recharge your GAS, your energy, and your desires to do 3d. To see something finished and with its glory, is great too.

    My 2 cents
  • fritz
    try a quick model and texture w/ds specs in mind. try to make it as awesome looking as possible. finish it...be proud and do another. next thing you know...you'll have a couple of quick cool looking models. and you'll get the "finished" vibe going.
  • wizo
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    wizo polycounter lvl 12
    Doing work might be very mechanical and boring. Whenever that happens,
    music is my gateway out of boredom

    Of Montreal :


  • TWilson
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    TWilson polycounter lvl 16
    music rocks.

    here's something you might not like: Flying Lotus
  • Jeremy Wright
    on the music tip, I think droning music helps the most; long lyric-less songs help me the most.

    I recommend:

    Also, I find that using a redline approach where I print out what I'm working on and draw in/over what I want to do/change helps me to visualize my goals and helps me get there.

    Take a stroll through your reference image folders, too.

    Most important, don't dread it; make sure you're at least having some fun with it. You'll be less motivated to do anything if you see it as something you have to do that you don't want to.

    Good luck!
  • fritz
    also, check out tim hecker and stars of the lid. good stuff to work to.
  • _Gr9yFox_
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    _Gr9yFox_ polycounter lvl 10
    Radiodread was a nice surprise! Thanks wizo.

    Other musical suggestions are appreciated, I'll have to listen to them more carefully before saying anything. Some freaky websites and hard to read types though.
  • Armanguy
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    Armanguy polycounter lvl 12
    instead of listening to music i listen to podcasts it puts your mind in a comfortable state. I listen to everything mainly the insomniac podcast wich is hilarious and well put together :P
  • _Gr9yFox_
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    _Gr9yFox_ polycounter lvl 10
    Downloading the first one right now! Didn't even know they did one.

    In terms of podcasts I listen to a few ones and since we're recomending stuff here goes. For demoscene music I like Surprise!Podcast, Demovibes, 8bitMayhem and of course Bitjam Podcast. For online radio I love Nectarine.

    For insanely crafted audio sci-fi environment and fiction I recommend Cyberpunk Radio.
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