Crit me before its too late please!

Hey guys, some im new the this forum! I saw alot of people talking about it on cgsociety because someone was asking about crits for getting a job, and someone said go to polycount because they will be honest and people on cgsociety will just be nice. So im hoping i can get that here.

So basically I was reading a few of the threads here and saw that people didnt like first year graduates posting trying to get a job... sooo, im a sophomore in college and figure i still have 2 years to work on my portfolio.

Im not exactly sure where i want to go with 3d modeling, ive been doing alot of different things, but im pretty sure i dont want to do low poly games. Im currently at NCSU doing research for rendering engines and raytracing so that may be an option, and im also considering industrial design. I talked to one industrial designer and he said my 3d modeling just seems boring, and to make it more interesting renderings, like different camera angles. Im hoping you guys can give me some suggestions on that front. So far all my models are 3ds max, currently at my research im doing some models in maya which ill post. most of the renders are from last year, unfortunately i havent done any big projects worth posting, its all been small things that have posed different challenges that i learn from . My website is:



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    SHEPEIRO polycounter lvl 12
    if your not interested in doing lowpoly game art why post here?

    also your highpoly stuff seams nicely modelled but they look like renders from the 90s. need better materials and lighting to be anywhere near the competition.
  • SubPablo
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    SubPablo polycounter lvl 11
    here's my advice: At Sophomore level, you really don't need to be focusing on a portfolio yet. Chances are, by graduation you'll find your work at this stage to be unusable in a portfolio anyway. Use the time you have to build on all your basic art skills and more importantly sift out the ones you're not as good at and spend time improving those. You sound like you haven't found your niche yet, so I'd say to continue to experiment with your studies until you have a better idea of what type of work you'd enjoy the most. In most cases, the type of work people enjoy the most, is what they're the most suited for due to extra time spent in that area.
  • EggE
    do you want to be involved in games or just make 3D renders ? because you need high poly models to get normal maps on your low poly models... but if you just want to render high poly models your stuff has to be really impressive and detailed (realistic ) your watch, i dont see glass on it or if its suppose to be metal or leather (material/ texture help)...its also not presented well and i can see your suffering from that...try framing things in thirds, or ask your professor for help. Best thing you can do is look at professional 3d artist sites and see how they present their material for inspiration.
  • renderhjs
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    renderhjs polycounter
    things you really could/need to improve:
    - drawing skills (to much quick drawings, get a better sense for line ductus, proportions and layout)
    - rendering (shadows, lighting, compositing [e.g warm/cold contrast,..] and get familar with a propper render [mentalRay, vRay, renderman, fryrender,...], like someone else mentioned they look like from 20-30 in the past - and thus a big portfolio killer)
    - texturing & UV: many people dont even get startet with it because they moan its to complex or to much work to do,- but if you know how to unwrap then you also know how to better model. And once you unwrapped the image gets automaticly so much more depth and quality

    as for modeling try to model more objects that dont depend on subdevision techniques - because it is certainly not always king but knowing a good portion of lowPoly modeling techniques or highPoly without subDiv is really a good base for anything that follows.
  • CadOp
    @EggE: I think it depends what type of games. Ive seen some stuff on here that is low low poly, like 200 tris, and i dont want to do that. But ive seen some articles on the new need for speed and things like that and they would be something that i might do. Ya i had similiar responses to that watch so im just going to take it out, Its about 4 years old.

    @renderhjs: ya i def have to improve drawing, im taking a intensive drawing class this upcoming semester. I never thought about texturing but i guess ill work on that. As for modeling with subdiv, i need to update my portfolio because nothing i did the past year was subdivided, it was all furniture design and stuff like that, but that deffinetly makes sense for doing low poly...
    Thanks alot guys
  • Oneil
    SHEPEIRO wrote: »
    if your not interested in doing lowpoly game art why post here?

    also your highpoly stuff seams nicely modelled but they look like renders from the 90s. need better materials and lighting to be anywhere near the competition.

    I Couldn't agree more sorry but you asked for honesty....
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