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Mohamed Rotab polycounter lvl 11
Hello polycounters :)
I did this weapon few months ago for RedHound Studios , and i got OK to post them ;)
Here are some shots of the HighPoly model , The Mac-10 is low detailed model , so it was hard to find extra details to add :)





I will post the final LowPoly model and the Texture Sheet after i get back home tonight and prepare some renders .
Comments and crits are much welcome .

* RedHound Studio is always on the lookout for good artists .


  • Racer445
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    Racer445 polycounter lvl 10
    Some excellent modeling there!

    One thing I noticed though, is that the Cobray logo on the rear is inaccurate, unless you changed it for copyright reasons.

  • CIgano
    looks really rad, the 'made up' details keep in tune with the general shapes and keep it looking realistic, my only crit would be to maybe bulk up the silencer, not for accuracy, while that could also be implied, but imo the 'fat' silencer is what gives that sort of gun that characteristic shape

    (but of a big image, but as you can see here the silencer's width is almost equal to the gun's height)
  • Tumerboy
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    Tumerboy polycounter lvl 11
    Couple of nitpicks:

    Your Semi/Full Selector is VERY small. It looks like I'd need tweezers to turn it. The real one is alsmost as big as an ar-15's.

    That's a Mac 11, which is a little smaller, but still.

    The Pin that you have going through the gun, just above and to the left of that selector, isn't there. That Pin IS the selector. On the Left side of the gun, it's the switch, and on the Right side it looks like a pin (but rotates with the selector)

    Your Mag Catch (in it's current position) would be dropping the mag. When the mag is fully seated, that little switch at the bottom of the back of the handle, rests flat (horizontally) There is also a little notch (conical) above it, so you can hit it down with your finger.
    Notice the TINY little bump sticking out the back side of the grip, at the base? That's the mag catch in it's resting/latched position

    You can KIND of see the little notch I'm talking about in this one:
  • The_Kozmonaut
    Really great work. I was wondering if you could tell how you did the print and screw holes, etc.. Was it done with booleans or?
  • Flewda
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    Flewda polycounter lvl 10
    Fantastic job man, very nice. You allowed to post wires?
  • Pezz3D
    I said I'd keep an eye out for this rotab, very nice work, alot of detail on that uzzi.
  • Mohamed Rotab
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    Mohamed Rotab polycounter lvl 11
    Hello ,
    Thanks alot guys for the feed back , much apprciated .

    @ Racer445 :
    No no it has nothing with copy right issues .. i just didn't have a clear image for that logo .. i wish i had this image you posted :)
    @ Tumerboy :
    Yeah i agree the Semi-Full selector is very small , i was concering about that part too but due to design issue when i added the lamp base at the bottom i had to make it smaller .
    The reast of your points are totally right perhaps i didnt pay enough attention for those fine details .. thanks again :)
    @Flewda :
    About the HighPoly render shots setup , it's simple Vray ambient occlusion setup with no lights at all .. simple Gi with irrediance map as primary bounce and QMC as secondary bounce and with 1.0 mutiplier Environment .

    Here are some wires and renders .. a High level of tear and wear was required .. The LowPoly Model count limit was around 1k Polys only , i wish i had more polys around 4k tris it would turn out much better .





    Best Regards ,
  • Mohamed Rotab
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    Mohamed Rotab polycounter lvl 11
    The Texture Sheet , Origenal size at 2048


    Best Regards ,
  • Rhinokey
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    Rhinokey polycounter lvl 11
    i would cut back on the scratches about 90% where is this thing stored? in a sack of gravel?

    look at the ref guns people posted, none of them are nearly scratched this bad. its too beat up for even a post apoc game
  • BrodyB
    Rhinokey wrote: »
    i would cut back on the scratches about 90% where is this thing stored? in a sack of gravel?
    I think the scratches are fitting. Anyone who thinks putting a laser sight onto a Mac-10 gives you a tactical advantage probably doesn't know what they're doing.

    But heck, that model is awesome! Not a bad job with the texture, either.
  • EarthQuake
    Scratching aside(i dont thinks sooo horrible, but a bit much. Seems like its what the client requested so critiquing that is like pissing in the wind) The main thing i notice here is the complete lack of color, in both the diffuse and specular. If you're using photosource etc, dont destaturate them completely! nothing in reality is really this grey, subtle color variation goes a longggggg long way. Material variation, dirt, dust, grease, etc all of these things have color to them, and even metal itself looks good with maybe a little blue as a base color generally.

    I took my texture from the recent gun challenge and desaturated part of it just to show you what i mean here. Hopefully this helps.
  • Mohamed Rotab
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    Mohamed Rotab polycounter lvl 11
    Hey EQ , yeah i used only grey colors when painted my textures and i guess you are right about using some colors into the textures . So it doesn't look this desaturated way .
    No refrence images used in the textures except for the glass of the lamp and the scope .
    About the scratches yup that what was requested . and i have seen some more heavy sctratched mac-10 .. look at this one coming soon in Farcry2
    Btw nice weapons EQ really inspiring i was keeping an eye on your sniper while building the mac :)

    Thanks again for all feed back ..
  • odium
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    odium polycounter lvl 11
    What is going on with the polycount? You have all that detail in the main weapon and then you make the silencer and barrel so damn ugly. I would get rid of a lot of other details people dropping that far down. Not even PS2 games were THAT bad sir.
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 13
    Any reason why all the text and stuff was modelled? Seems like a bit of a waste of time, especially with these specs. Would have been much faster to just do them from a filtered heightmap (especially since then you'd know how well they hold up at final resolution).

    Regarding the wear and tear on the texture, I wouldn't mind the amount of it so much, if it actually looked realistic. The scratches, especially on the back, look really hand-painted like you just did a quick scribble on a layer. In fact the whole texture generally looks quite hand-painted rather than realistic.

    After all the realistic detail added in the highpoly, it kinda seems a shame to do a texture which doesn't look as realistic.

    As EQ said, more saturation and colour variation here and there would help, even if it's just a tiny bit.

    Overall pretty cool work, but yeah it looks like some strange decisions were made when doing this (modelling all the detail in to the high poly, making the barrel and silencer REALLY lowpoly cylinders, random-looking painted scratches)... it seems like it could have looked a better without a whole lot more effort.
  • Mohamed Rotab
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    Mohamed Rotab polycounter lvl 11
    odium wrote: »
    Not even PS2 games were THAT bad sir.

    Thank You !

    @ MoP .. i guess i need to practice more on the metalic texture work . too much scratches ... i modeled the text into the model as the high poly model will be used in some promo stuff and so .
    Thanx for feedback :)
  • elnady
    nice work man keep it up!
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