Demo Reel needs feedback

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zOffTy polycounter lvl 12

I just finished my Demo Reel :)

clik on the picture

Could you tell me what you think?
If the video is too long or not? if characters are not interesting to show?

Thanks ;)



  • TWilson
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    TWilson polycounter lvl 12
    The character presentation seems good to me. They're a lot of fun. I like the glimpse of peg legger dropping in there.

    The music. It seems to me that something upbeat would be a better choice. The current music had me wondering if I left my own music on as well because of the mashup style. But mostly I thought it would match better to a movie sequence where something sad is happening to mr main character. The actual artist you choose may come down to personal taste but the tone is important. I recently recommended these to a friend: Amon Tobin- Sordid, Rubin Steiner- Guitarlandia, MrScruff- Blackpool Roll, and a Fatboy Slim track I cant remember.

    This is just a thought but I wonder if an intro screen for your characters might help break it up too. On the intro screen I would put the character posed, name, and stats. It would be a "This is what I'm going to show you." screen. That way there wouldn't be so much to try to take in when you actually show the character as well.

    A screen dedicated to your website address at the end would help direct people to your site after the video.
  • zOffTy
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    zOffTy polycounter lvl 12
    Thanks TWilson!

    I'll see if I find a better music
    There is my website url at the end, but I didn't write "http://"; so I will add it!

    Good idea for the intro screen :poly121:
  • frubes
    I really like the low poly characters. I think they are presented fine. You zbrush models lack asymmetry which i think lets them down slightly whilst they are good sculpts they could do with more detail and breaking up. I love the manitee/walrus rider/mount combo but i keep staring at the checker texture on both of them, it reminds me of the unwrap texture in max. Personally i would change it to some leather strapping, currently i dont think it fits the style of the characters.

    Lastly i would get rid of the environment. Its a really odd ending to a predominantly character based reel. I dont think you will miss anything by loosing it. Currently its just confusing and could be the lasting impression a potential employer recalls about your reel. Im guessing you want to do character art? If so the environment is a poor ending. Start with your best work, put the not so good stuff in the middle and finish strongly. Currently i think you have a good start and middle but a weak ending to the reel. Hope this helps.
  • zOffTy
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    zOffTy polycounter lvl 12
    thanks frubes!

    i will reflect on the end, but if i have a good start and middle, i don't have anymore better. Perhaps make the turn around of 2 Silverfall character's, and end by zbrush head, and dw3 ?
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