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Digital Sketchbooks: RULES. PLEASE READ

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OK guys, this has been done on other forums and we are going to give it a try here. You are only allowed to start one thread in this forum. That will be your digital sketchbook that you can use for whatever you do: 2D, 3D, sculpting, writing, whatever. Try to make new posts (not new threads!) in your "sketchbook" instead of updating one post over and over and overwriting old work. The point of your thread is to keep track of stuff you have done and watch your progression, just like a hardcopy sketchbook.

As of right now, I am open to ideas or tweaks that need to be done to make this more user friendly.

A couple of things that I talked over with the guys on #model_design:

1. PLEASE use the naming convention "Sketchbook: <YOUR NAME>" for your thread where <YOUR NAME> is either your real name or your nickname on the boards. This will make it easier to read.

2.**UPDATED** After some discussion, we are going to leave it up to the author if they want critiques on their work or not. Please state your preference in your first post as to whether you are looking for crits or just journalizing.

Make Your Artwork Easy to View

Please be considerate of our viewers on mobile. Also, the longer people have to wait for your images to load, the less likely your work is going to be seen.
  • If your images are more than 1MB each, they're too big.
  • Downsize your images to 1600 or less before attaching or embedding.
  • JPG compression level 8 is a good tradeoff in size vs. quality.
  • PNG format often makes very large image files. PNG works well if the image is mostly large areas of flat color. However, saving a JPG at level 8 converts a 8MB PNG down to a 128kb JPG, and looks virtually identical.
  • It's also a good idea to brand your images, so people who download or share your images can find you later. For more info see Your Portfolio Repels Jobs and the wiki Portfolio page.

Other helpful tips about using teh Polycount 
Information about Polycount & New member introductions 

Anything else, I will add as I find it. ;D

Enjoy gang!


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