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LPC #05 - MoP - Hell Knight

polycounter lvl 18
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MoP polycounter lvl 18
A DOOM favourite, remade for DOOM 3, and now once again...


Exactly 500 triangles. I don't think I'll use the 150 extra for this guy. Might make some of the other DOOM 3 monsters though, since this one only took an hour and a half for modelling and UV-mapping.

The horribly quick UV-map... no idea how well it will work when I do the texture, but we'll see:


Texture tomorrow.

Known issues: The back view isn't quite as imposing/bulky as it should be. I'll fix that on the mesh while texturing it. Also the UVs are very wasteful, but I didn't see a point in adding more seams or un-mirroring any parts. Again, that might change during texturing.

This guy doesn't have a mouth that can open, unfortunately. Didn't want to go over 500 tris wink.gif


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