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tekken 6

polycounter lvl 17
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hawken polycounter lvl 17
yeah baby!

720p screens in the arcade, bloody spend all of my pocket money on this thing.

all hail BOB!


(he's amazing fun to play)

The only thing I noticed is that the older more bizarre characters are really out of place in this game. You can see how the new characters are built, to a much higher standard. Bob and Miguel are very realistic, in both movement and texture quality. Whereas Eddy Gordo and Paul Phoenix just look dated and horrible.

Heihachi Mishima seems to have had a nice overhaul, but possibly the best old character is Yoshimitsu. They really went to town on him, it's a feast for the eyes!


Bob and Miguel are fun to play. Miguel for his dirty, street fighting, seemingly casual brawl moves. Bob because his is a spinning ball of fists and feet.

Well the pleasure is all mine for a while, as you guys don't have arcades anymore. It's a dull experience playing VF now, even though it's on the same quality screens & possibly the same hardware.


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