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Challenge #36: Bringing it to life. *EXTENDED*

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This is going to be a deviation from some of the previous challenges and it may not be too well received, but we are going to give it a try.

The Details
The object of this challenge will be to take a piece of traditional, non-digital art and reproduce/ reinterpret it in 3D. It can be a character portrait, a scene or something more surreal. For example, making a 3D bust of the Mona Lisa would be completely acceptable.

Since this opens up a wide variation of different possibilities, we are going to open up the poly count and texture specs a little.

Poly limitations:
6000 polys max if you are doing a character or bust
10000 polys max if you are doing a full scene of some sort.

Two 1024x1024 texture sheets. You may also include spec, bump, normal, etc along with these as with recent challenges.

Right now, we are going to set the due date as August 24th. This may be extended due to the odd nature of this challenge.

I will also start a Q&A thread in the Contest forum as I am sure this one will generate several questions.

PLEASE, PLEASE keep a continuing progress thread so that we can help you out and know where you are going and what you are shooting for.

Good luck!
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