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Anyone know any active Lith 2 servers fer Quake2?

theres gotta be one out there somewhere...
oh.. and side question.. anyone know where i may find the sound packs for the Valkyrie VF1 models from Dan Bickel?
my sounds are MIA fer some reason...
dangit all i miss the old days of the Q2PMP.

as for other area's
GrimlockCW11 on Xbox Live, so if yer up fer a game or 2 on there (mostly GRAW, R6V, GoW, Perfect Dark 0. But i have others tongue.gif )
gimme a ring! just do make sure to note where from in the msg, i don't accept randomly made friend requests tongue.gif
way to many of those float by these days..

hope to frag ya soon!
cya! (is R13 still alive btw?)


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