importing a console?

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thomasp polycounter
as it happens, rogue galaxy's PAL version was just delayed again! mad.gif time to stop waiting for PAL releases, it seems, too many on my list anyway.

so, just wondering where to get a US console (PS2 slimline) in the UK? i knew lik-sang but that one was shot down a while ago. are there other reliable sources for US hardware, preferably within the EU/UK or with a decent way of handling customs, etc?

basically, i don't want to chip my PAL PS2, slide cards suck, the PS3 - otherwise my best bet - seems incompatible with more or less every title i am looking for and there are currently no test stations available for mid-term borrowing at work. besides, i dislike the noisy old brick-PS2 anyway, so where do i get my fix?


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