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The Official Unofficial Dungeon Runners Thread


What is Dungeon Runners? From the official website,

Dungeon Runners is an online role-playing game that’s free to download and free to play!

As a brave hero, you’ll explore dangerous dungeons, battle ferocious monsters and discover incredible weapons, artifacts and loot.

Choose to play as Fighter, Mage or Ranger in a realm of terror, magic and adventure. Unlock powerful new skills as you gain experience on your journey into the unknown.

Whether fighting evil hordes as a lone warrior or teaming up with online friends to carve a path of destruction through your foe, Dungeon Runners will quench your deepest dungeon-crawling thirst.

[/ QUOTE ]
Several Polycounters are already playing, and I thought it would be best if we could get a list of all our characters in one collective thread. Here we can organize Polycount runs and get-togethers.

If you're playing, and want your name added to this list, just mention it somewhere in the thread and I'll make an update. smile.gif

<ul type="square"> [*]jgarland - Verthas [*]Fuse - lolerskates [*]Geezus - Geezus [*]SupRore - Sniperore [*]Xenobond - Xenobond [*]Bounchfx - POUNDIT [*]Virdog - Virdog [*]Rube - Shiin [*]Robert Headley - Greggor [*]cholden - ButchDeadlift [*]caseyjones - caseyjones [*]kat - katatoo [*]StJoris - StJoris [*]Shiv - Derky[/list]
You can find most of us on World 3, so if you're a Polycounter, this is the server for you.

Happy Dungeon Running!


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