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Fun Scenario - Concept in 10 mins

polycounter lvl 18
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Lee3dee polycounter lvl 18
Your boss wants you to concept a new dwarf character for his latest gaming idea. Your desk is cluttered with various energy drinks, the mp3s are blasting. He strolls over and asks for the concept to be ready in 10 minutes. The IT admin doesn't have a fondness of you so he's uninstalled photoshop, painter, and any other program which you would normally use. He's also taken away your wacom pen and you can see him chewing it from across the room as he solves todays problem with the network.

Your only painting tool available is MSPaint and your trusty mouse, what can give him in 10 minutes?
(to run mspaint START--> RUN --> type MSPAINT)
(Mac guys, use something similar. MSPaint only has 2 undos)


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