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PC-9/A (Plane)

Hi guys! I think this is the first piece I have ever put up for crits, so please, give it a bashing. After some good references from the tutorials you guys gave me on texturing, I gave up modeling the main body for a while, and textured the pilot. The reason for this model is to import it into FS2004 and/or GTA:SA. There is a PC-9 avaliable for FS2004, but I fly with it and sorta think, 'meh'. As I love these aircraft as much as my own mother, I wanted to do a really detailed model of it to fly around with my mates in virtual land when we are not really flying. Anyway, Crits! Oh, and if anyone would know the best way to start unwrapping it, and tips would be handy. Don't worry, I am not so nubbish to not know how to unwrap, I just don't know how to go about tackling it. Anyway, pictures!
Tear away.

And don't pay me out for being a pilot geek. Pleeease.
EDIT: Oh, and because I was bored


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    its not bad man! what are the specs you have to stick to? Its a nice start on the texture, u just have some seams to fix. keep goin, theres not a whole lot to crit on just yet.
  • Smirnoffka
    Right, well I have decided that this will go into FS2004. I am actually really dissappointed with the quality of most of the downloadable planes for flight sim, and I just bummed at the fact that so many a decent aircraft are spoiled because they are not complete. By complete, I mean the whole thing. I dont know about anyone else, but I fly from the virtual cockpit (mostly because of my head IR sensor, which moves the view with my head movements), but I have not seen many decent cockpits. With a bit of time on my hands, I have decided that this plane will be detailed, accurate (to an extent) and through. Also, to try and help improve my texturing, nothing will be photosourced. So, here is my start on the virtual cockpit the plane is going to have.


    I have added gear to the main exterior model, but it isnt really anything different from the pictures posted before.

    For info, all the instruments you see there are on a 1024*1024 sheet, the actualy dash (the green part) on a 512*512 and the controller on a 512*512.
    The instrument 1024 sheet is full, so I will have to start another for the next set of instruments. I will post a picture of the actual cockpit if I get the chance. I am using a reference, but it all looks very familiar to me :P
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