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Challenge #31: Xmas gone BAD.

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Since it is getting close and we need some time, let's get this party started.

This will only be a challenge, no prizes. Just a theme and a deadline.

Theme: Xmas gone bad! Your challenge is to make a small static scene that uses the theme "Xmas gone bad." This is left up to your interpretation with a few minor guidlines:

1) Please try to keep it as "family friendly" as possible.
2) You can use anything you want in your scene (props, characters, etc). The only limitation is you must be under or at the polycount for the entire scene. The polycount limit will be 6000 for the entire scene. (This may change a bit, I have rushed the rules out...)
3) You are alloted 2048x2048 total texture size to divide up however you feel. (Once again, may change in the next couple days.)
4) Deadline is Dec. 24th.

As I mentioned a couple times, these rules are bendable a bit. Please let me know if you need them adjusted in the comments thread to follow.

That's all you need to know, so get started!
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