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Blue shark

dj snyder
polycounter lvl 14
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dj snyder polycounter lvl 14
Blue-shark-043_small.jpg Blue-shark-040_small.jpg Blue-shark-028_small.jpg


Currently weighs in at 948 polys, 1652 tris.

Any suggestions/redlines/etc would be welcome. smile.gif


  • Mark Dygert
    Beautiful piece of work! Looks like there might be an extra edge that doesn't carry over into the body in the back/bottom of the dorsal fin?
  • flaagan
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    flaagan polycounter lvl 16
    Very cool indeed!

    Actually Vig, was just looking up some picts of blue sharks after your comment, and I think snyder's got the right idea with the fin tip being separate from the body, and actually needs to tweak the other fin on the shark's back to have that same disconnected bit.

    Can't wait to see this textured! smile.gif
  • Xaltar
    Very nice work, You going to animate it too? I'd love to see this textured and animated.
  • Mark Dygert
    Good catch Flaagan! It looks like both back fins should separate in the back. I wonder how common that is because the ref above and other shots it doesn't look separated? Maybe it has something to do with age or health...

    On the left side render it looks like the tip reconnects? Did those verts get welded by mistake? Maybe its just the render.
  • dj snyder
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    dj snyder polycounter lvl 14
    It's the render, they're definitely separate.

    So um, I'm trying to go to work on a hi-res version in mudbox, with minimal success. I probably need a) a pen tablet and b) more polygons, but my pen tablet is acting funky and I don't know if I have the RAM to work much higher than what I have now.

    Anyhoo I fixed the back fin. :v

  • Mark Dygert
    Quads, there are some triangles there you want to turn into quads. Z-Brush doesn't like tris, I think Mudbox is the same way? Outside of that what kind of issues are you running into? Just having trouble laying strokes down?
  • dj snyder
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    dj snyder polycounter lvl 14
    Pretty much--I can only subdivide it so far before it starts making a massive performance hit...but I'm going to try doing extra subdivisions on the specific areas I want to work on

    EDIT: it worked! but now I have a worse problem: seams along the line of symmetry :0

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