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Terragen 2

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EmAr polycounter lvl 11
Terragen 2 gallery is up, it looks like they have some major additions. Vegetation looks nice.
From what I see I think it will be a Vue-ish program.


  • Bronco
    It does look very nice.

    I tried out the first terragen,didn't register it,was just exsperimenting with it.

    It looks like the new one does what I couldn't get the old one to do and taht was make a scene with the camara above the clouds looking down on them.

    But I wa susing an unregistered version so the layer tools were locked out. it seems.

  • Thegodzero
    so is it downloadable yet or is this just a tease? I can see a whole shit load of skyboxes being made already. That and think of the environment maps...this time with out the need to blur it...
  • Mark Dygert
    I wonder how long those take to render? They look good, but they look insanely long on render times... Also some of them look great others not so great I wonder what the learning curve is. Does it even scale like Vue? With Vue you can get levels of detail with this all I see is insanely high poly work. So far Vue is my favorite but then I'm more of a fan of Do-It-Your-Self terrain generation and with the right tools you can get a low poly version of exactly what you need instead of bending something else to roughly fit what you need.

    I also don't think Terragen plugs into Maya or Max like Vue does. It's nice to see a proxy mesh in whatever scene you are working on and being able to toggle the high poly on and off in viewport and render is a powerful fast feature. So far what I see is a bunch of options and an export feature =/ I also don't see any water =/
    I can only see these being used as sky boxes like TGZ said. Depending on the render times and learning curve the panoramas might have to be purchased from a site like turbo squid. I don't know too many places that want to hire someone just to watch a machine crank out a render for 2 weeks =/
  • hawken
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    hawken polycounter lvl 18
    some of those shots look photorealistic, amazing!

    terragen has moved on.
  • Penzer
    Holy those look amazing! I wonder how extensive the animation component is. It says it can do virtually any animation in the faq, including waves and waterfalls. If that means wind too, for clouds and leaves, that would be just crazy. It even says Terragen 2 will do underwater scenes too. Only used Terragen for some basic skyboxes before, and just some messing around for fun. Definately gonna check this out when it comes out.
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