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Maya 7 Xform Gizmos Not Showing in All Viewports?

polycounter lvl 15
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AstroZombie polycounter lvl 15
I am having a problem at work with Maya 7. The Xform Gizmos (not sure what you call them in Maya - the move, rotate and scale handles) do not show up in all of my viewports. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?


I tried Modify > Transformation Tools > Show Manipulator Tool and that does <u>not</u> fix the problem.


  • fogmann
    Show Manipulator Tool is something else, it's the handle for scale/rotate/move all in one, in situations such as extruding or manipulating UV projections. The trasfrom manipulator handles (I guess that's what you call xform gizmos) should always show, AFAIK there isn't a setting to turn them on and off. They are off when you are in the select mode (Q) though.

    Do you at least see all your geometry in other viewports? Maybe you have clipping plane problems, or geometry is too dense so that it covers the manipulators?
  • AstroZombie
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    AstroZombie polycounter lvl 15
    Yea, I can see all of my geometry. The geometry is not that dense and I have had this problem since first using Maya 7. I have been dealing with it for months and have put up with it since I am using Maya 6.5 to model and only using Maya 7 to bake normals.

    It's funny because the move handle shows up without arrows only in the front viewport, the scale handle shows up only in the side viewport and the rotate handle shows up only in the front viewport while none of them show up in the top viewport. The move handles show up as grey in the perspective viewport but there are no arrows and it is not usable at all. Weird.
  • Vailias
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    Vailias polycounter lvl 16
    if the handles are grey it usually means that whatever you are selecting can't be directly moved, such as a mesh bound to a skeleton.

    I have issues with this very rarely, and for me simply restarting my computer fixes it. Something getting stuck in vram or some such. But if this issue has been since install.. something is reminding me about video drivers. Be sure they are the latest, or if they are the latest try a previous revision. I hope it clears up.
  • malcolm
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    malcolm Polycount Sponsor
    The whole missing handles or grey handles when selecting objects usually means your video card or driver are not supported. Try updating your card to the certified Maya drivers.
  • AstroZombie
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    AstroZombie polycounter lvl 15
    That was the issue. Thanks, Malcolm!
  • zahraadora
    hai astro zombie. seems like im having the same problems as yours.. my move, rotate and scale arrows doesnt show up in front view. im guessing it must be my image plan is not properly import. and i still figuring out on how to solve it. need help here :(
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