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  • SeanDomega
    Well heres mine so far, basicly just added some characters and a little info for the time being. Any crits? smile.gif

  • Panupat
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    Panupat polycounter lvl 12
    I think blog is not a bad idea. If you have solid works, it will look good everywhere you put it.

    For me tho I personally think it's still a good idea to learn HTML smile.gif
    Having full control of what your site is going to look like is an awesome awesome thing. And I believe, for a portfolio site, you don't even need anything fancy. Keeping it simple, easy to navigate and choosing good color scheme to make it pleasing to the eyes tell a lot about your design skill laugh.gif

    My site too is super simple. I only spend no more than 2 hours on it wink.gif Still need more and better works to put in there however.
  • pliang
    I read this method through Brome's site, I like it alot and though I don't do too much uploading my old html site, I'm making one anyways so I wouldn't have to regret it onwards.

    I made my html by slicing up a psd and exporting them to dreamweaver...
  • conte
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    conte polycounter lvl 13
    Sean, that's very cool!
  • Shaze
    [ QUOTE ]
    It seems that every week there are dozens of new portfolio sites popping up - sometimes they look good, and sometimes they look bad. Storage space is often hard to find, some free hosts make it almost impossible to directly link to your images, and some peple are still manually editing and upload HTML.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    How do you thinks the best website are done? wink.gif

    Bah anyway, that's a good tutorial, but I prefer the old way , more originaliy. :P
  • Flynny
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    Flynny polycounter lvl 9
    Well after all the advice here I went and got my own sorted, I was using a flash based website which I had to make for an assignment, which is obviously flexible ;p

    Anyways just adding my thanks to the list.
  • pliang
    I have an existing HTML site that doesn't take that long to update but this works wonders for me...perhaps later on I'll just switch it to this one when the existing one expires.
  • seforin
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    seforin polycounter lvl 12
    ok I have a question to ask, right now im rebuilding my website this weekend, now right now Ive made my site SIMPLE html, I was planing on making teh characters// envrionment sections have individual thumbnails which goes into a new page that will have beauty/wire/textures of whatever it is. Same for envrionments, where as my site is setup from oldest to newest. Now is this a good or Bad idea the way my site is layed out? I was told links are a bad thing to have on the site, I plan on replacing later with Reel which I will stream or have to a download of some sort instead.

    Any suggestions based off this you can shoot at me, other than burning all that old work and pretend it never existed to the world when asked about it?
  • Flynny
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    Flynny polycounter lvl 9
    Well I dont know about art pieces, but I know a blog isnt exactly the best way for an animation folio. So I dumped mine for the "simple as fook" approach.

    Mine is basically a table divided enough to have my info email at the top, and 4 pieces. Im going to progressively replace each piece until all 4 are the fricking don.

    I suggest you do the same seforin. Choose a nice number and stick to it, sections on art folios are to be avoided like the plague, just have your best pieces full stop, no doubt theyl represent a wide variety.

    Goodluck mate
  • tokidokizenzen
    I'm in the process of rebuilding my site right now. I'm going with a very simple front end and for the portfolio I'm using "Gallery". http://gallery.menalto.com/
    It's free but you need to have a web host that supports it, and preferably one that makes it easy to install. My web host is http://www.dreamhost.com/
    They have a "one click" install section that makes installation really easy. I installed it from their control panel in 5 minutes. Once installed it has the ease of use a blog has minus long text posts. You can however add little blurbs of info on each pic. When you upload an image it will create thumbnails of whatever size you specify. You can skin it to look however you like. It has many options. When I finish setting up my site i'll post so you can see it in action.

    Ok, site is up now. Just click my web page link. You'll see gallery 2 in action after you click the 'art' link from my site.
  • Holi
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    Holi polycounter lvl 11
    I was recently serching about a free portofolio solution, and I finally choose http://issuu.com/ becose of his "book" visual style.
    Another good point is the print possibilities becose of the pdf format that is needed to upload.
    Finally, you decide the whole dimentions of your book, but you need indesign skill for exemple.

    The only crit is about the bad web adress when you want to share the "book" himself:


    I hope it help...
  • KonamiCode
    Glad I found this thread, as I didn't want to start a whole new one just to ask about this. I am considering re-doing my online portfolio, and I am considering using Lightbox 2 (http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/) to display fullsized images, after a user clicks on a thumbnail.

    It's starting to be pretty widely used, so you've probably seen it before somewhere. If not they've got samples on the site. Any thoughts on this? Do you think it's a bit too slow on loading the fullsized images?
  • Dazzer13
    Hey there.. Firstly i just want to say that this thread is slightly confusing confused.gif becuase the tittle 'Setting up a quick portfolio site' sugest that the site well be aimed to selling your work for potentianl jobs. But its more for creating a blog/personal site.

    >> Making A Site Without Touching HTML cool.gif <<


    Here is a quick rough&ready video i have made to show people how to create a html page without using any coding. It uses photoshop to make the site and the slice tool, then tweaked in dreamweaver.


    If someone wants to host images i sugest 'Photobucket' Its free and you can store alots of images plus make slide shows etc.. also does videos crazy.gif

  • TWilson
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    TWilson polycounter lvl 13
    Your video link isnt working. Try uploading it to Vimeo.
    Logging into album dazzer13

    If I were to offer any advice to someone coding a web page. It would be to keep it simple. Whatever that means to you.

    Through some series of events I ended up with style sheets and 13 pages to maintain. I like my site now but it's taken a lot more work than it could have taken. Had I just used tables and images to create it I wouldn't have had to worry about browser compatibility and well, learning css. Long story short I've spent a lot more time on it than I'd have liked to.

    Another suggestion is to limit the amount of images you use to decorate your web site to little or none. They are for the most part distracting from your art. I'm mostly referring to the hideous graphical side menu's people love to make. It's not 1997 anymore :)

    If I were to remake my site now I would probably use frames *gasp* and create my gallery using BananaAlbum. As seen on struves site cgsculptor.com. Maintaining individual pages of any kind for peices of art sucks. BananaAlbum also resizes the image appropriately for your screen which is much better than lightbox which just blows out the sides and leaves people confused.

    Of course, blogs can serve their purpose well for "setting up a quick portfolio site" :)

    PS For the Animators out there: Use Vimeo.com or something other than YouTube if you can help it. YouTube's quality is horrible! If you have to use YouTube though add this to the end of your link for higher quality &fmt=18
  • bluekangaroo
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    Im not sure if anyone posted 'blogspot.com' yet, but they allow you to edit your CSS for free whereas wordpress you have to pay

    However if you're like me and dont know any HTML or CSS at ALL, I think wordpress offers a better selection of templates to choose from
  • Snowfly
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    Snowfly polycounter lvl 14
    Yeah, but wordpress allows you a bit more flexibility with your site's structure. blogspot only allows a single page of posts. Here's my new wordpress portfolio-

  • bluekangaroo
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    bluekangaroo polycounter lvl 10
    Snowfly wrote: »
    Yeah, but wordpress allows you a bit more flexibility with your site's structure. blogspot only allows a single page of posts. Here's my new wordpress portfolio-


    true...hey I saw your site in pnp, your works look really good...nice n simple layout too. Congrats man
  • OBlastradiusO
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    OBlastradiusO polycounter lvl 11
    How about carbonmade is that a good portfolio hosting site?
  • KoRnyKenneth
    Just joined the site as a student looking to make a start on a portfolio, this has been very helpful. Thank you!
  • Sali
    Thank you!
  • coryperez
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