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Final Fantasy 6

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mookster polycounter lvl 18
Dont know what happened, usually I get distracted trying to do one model, and here I wip'd 3 in a week.
Based on Amano's original designs, especially the super deformed ones, I give you
Locke 1787 tri

Sabin 1646 tri

Shadow 1543 tri
Thinking about doing 3 more. Definately a General Leo.
Any crits and comments welcome.


  • Fjornsvavne
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    Fjornsvavne polycounter lvl 17
    Looking good so far, especially the third. Nailed that one
    Not perfect, even though you seem to have used your polys ok. What comes first in mind are the probably your thumbs, the righthanded upclose shot makes them look weird, as for what i can judge. And i'd say their feet are a tad too small, comparing to their hands in proportion. Sabin's shoulder looks a bit too tight as well, rather biff 'im up by giving him wider shoulders, it'd look cool. Other than that i'll hold back considering it's wip, so i will be looking forward seeing your progress! Glhf wink.gif
  • hawken
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    hawken polycounter lvl 19
    might be able to call me out on this one, but Amano didn't make any SD designs. I own a lot of his art books and the such, the majority is flowing water colours of chaps with rather long legs.
  • Penzer
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    Penzer polycounter lvl 17
    Sabins deltoids need to be bigger, or scale back his shoulder muscles.
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