Challenge #25 BOARDGAMES (entries thread)

polycounter lvl 13
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hawken polycounter lvl 13

Please post your final entries in this thread. Any running commentary or posts without pictures will be deleted.

<font color="red">REQUIRED: </font>
1. screen grab showing model with polygon counter
2. beauty render of your model
3. thumbnail (96x96 pixels)

note: we use the thumbnails for the vote. They should describe your model well. In last challenge very good entries got almost no votes because thier thumbnails sucked.

<font color="red">DEADLINE:</font>
monday 19th june (thread lock in the evening, WEST USA time). Once the thread is locked, no more entries can be recieved. A public vote will be carried out after this thread is locked and the winner shall be revealed on the 25th.

<font color="red">PRIZE:</font>
Custom title on this forum

Good luck!

PS: entering unfinished is OK. Just post what you have and let the public decide if you should win or not.


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