challenge 24 FINALS THREAD

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hawken polycounter lvl 13
I shall lock this thread on monday 22nd may, this will signify that the
challenge is over.

posts without entries will be deleted, no running commentary please.


*Post 3 images of your deformed demon (in one post!):
_*wire with polygon counter

*post thumbnail of 96x96 pixels (in same post!)

*the challenge stipulates that the demon must have a huge head and small
body. If your model doesn't follow this basic rule it is suggested that you
enlarge the head or squash the body before entry.

*you may enter any degree of finished model, although more polished models
are likely to get a higher rating.

*don't worry if you're not totally finished, you still have a chance of being
voted top.

*you shall be judged by your peers in a vote, the overall winner shall recieve a
small badge to use in thier signature on this forum.


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