Challenge #24: Demon.

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Roll Up Roll Up, welcome one and all, to polycounts latest challenge: "demon"!

However, not just any old Demon! This demon was stunted at birth (too much smoking perhaps?) and as a result only stands 3 feet high! Marvel at it's mighty head, gafaw at it's midget body!

I hear you ladies and gentlemen; what does the world call such a beast? Some might call it a midget, a demon that has been super deformed. Some of you might even call it cute! Although I'm sure this little reject from hell would become quite irate at such a comment. Although worry not for he is only made from the following substance:

triangles: <font color="red">1024</font>
texture: <font color="red">two 512x512 pixel sheets. For diffuse, normal, specular and transparency</font> (one for his mighty head and one for his puny body, 8 mighty sheets in all)

Roll Up Roll Up, deformed demons display dangerous death defying dares during below dates:

dates: <font color="red">from sunday the 7th may, until sunday the 21st may.</font>

At which time they will be put on show for all to see!

Enter your deformed demon and see it win! Grand prize badge for master trainers.

Good luck!

this should get your juices flowing:

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