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Hey there, new to the boards. I've been checking out the work here and could definitely use some critiques and tips on modelling my demo reel. I'm just wrapping up a Game Art & Design course and must complete my demo reel soon. Here's what I have so far. I'm still UVing most of them, and a few textures have been slapped on the barrels. I could also use some tips on wood and stone textures.
The last one is the UV lay out for my church. However, I've been told that there is wasted space, I've done my best to not wast much but once again, I'm taking any and ALL C&C. Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate your time.


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    I kind of like what your are doing for whatever reason in terms of how you laid out your scene.

    When you layout your uvs mirror everything that isn't going to have a unique piece of texture. Thats so you can add more detail to the area and make that detail nice and sharp. Right now your texures are too blurry and lack detail. If you are allowed to make a set of seamless textures for the town I suggest you learn to do that because that will allow you to create some very detailed textures and reuse things all over the place.

    Go to google and search for reference of each material that is going to be in the scene, you might be able to find some good textures that way as well that you can set over your painted textures to give them a lot more detail also known as adding overlays.

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