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WW2 Plane - Blohm Voss 138 C

This bastard caused me no end of problems, dunno why yet, but Daz helped me work em out thank god. :P

Had to model a WW2 plane for class. I know squat of WW2, and an equal amount about games, and decent refs weren't too easy to get, but this is what I came up with. Crits would be very welcome. It's due tomorrow but I can get some edits in if anything needs changing before class.


Thanks! smile.gif


  • motives
    whats the polygoncount / limits?

    anyways, i dont know anything about the plane in question but concerning the modeling i think it looks pretty good but you seem to have some uneven polygon distribution.

    The large shapes is low poly and pretty underdetailed while some of the smallscale detail like machineguns etc has a lot of polygons in em. Preferably i i think you should focus your polygons on the largeish shape and try to get as good a sillhouette you can rather than detailing small objects.

    Also you seem to have some wasteful polygons around the cockpit area, maybe try and clean that area up a bit.

    still, nice start. Is it a pure model exercise or are you gonna unwrap and texture it aswell?
  • Tulkamir
    thanks for the critique. smile.gif No limits, polycount is much higher than it should be (around 6000).

    And yea, I see what you mean about the distribution. I think I'll try to work on evening things out with it a bit if I have some time here. smile.gif

    And it's pure modeling. We aren't doing unwraping and texturuing yet, and though I do know how, WW2 and planes in general doesn't interest me enough to continue that far with this model. wink.gif

    Thanks again. smile.gif
  • Daz
    Tulkamir, something that I noticed about the model last night whilst saving it, was the construction technique seems strange for a realtime model. In particular, all those edge loops created from modeling the cockpit frame, you have them just contiuing on around the rest of the plane, instead of attempting to terminate them somewhere. The problem with that is twofold. a) Your plane is significantly higher res than it needs to be. b) You're making it much harder on yourself to get a smooth body shape with all those unecessary verts peppered into the side of it. Does that make sense? The shape looks good.
  • Tulkamir
    Yea, that's a good point Daz. I Suppose that was a fairly big mistake on my part, when I first started I wasn't thinking real time really. (Our teacher has not told use to pay attention to that stuff at all yet, we haven't bee taught, and I had a job in the summer working on high res models, so I wasn't even thinking about the actual construction as real time until too late)

    That said, thanks for pointing that out. smile.gif I've tried to lower the wasted polys as much as I can. Shoudln't be a big deal if I don't get them fully done though.

    Thanks again, I'm going to have to try to remember to pay more attention to this stuff in my future models. laugh.gif
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