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Hell Chick 2.0 NO# 3 *** NUDITY*** LowPoly Version

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Hello Green machine,

First off BIG thanx to Paul Richards for being so cool to allow us to use the concept to create these lovely models.
Not to forget Caryn Law for her Alias HellChick to which made these creations possible.

As you all can plainly see I have gotten permission to model this lovely piece of art work along with arsh and slash and god knows who else:).

I had previously posted this in arshs's thread but after viewing that slash as well has gottten permission and has posted i felt i should go ahead and give her, her own thread as well.

Smooth meshsmooth 1 iter. nurbs:

Lowpoly wit Wire:

Enjoy It's WIP! The lower hooves are givin me probz.
Off & On bout less than 1:month!
C&C as usual.


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