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Lowpoly Normal Mapped Wolverine WIP

Pedro Toledo
polycounter lvl 12
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Pedro Toledo polycounter lvl 12
Hi, this is my first post here.

Wolverine is one of my favorite characters, so I decided to make a lowpoly version of him.

Still WIP.

There is also a highpoly version I did for baking the normal map.

Hope you like it.

C&C are allways wellcome.








  • hobodactyl
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    hobodactyl polycounter lvl 16
    Hey Pedro, it's looking really good! I know it's a WIP, but the first thing I noticed was that in the normal map you don't see any bumps in his hands from where his claws come in and out, if that makes sense.

    Other than that, keep up the awesome work!
  • malcolm
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    malcolm Polycount Sponsor
    The normal map is looking nice, thank you for not having pitch black shadows on his arms.
  • El_PIG
    Ohhhhhhhhhh, this looks like it is shaping up nicely! No crits here, just looking forward to seeing your continued progress.
  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir ngon master
    heh, you made his face like kurt russel. could i suggest going for a younger look? wolverine is meant to look like a man in his physical prime.
  • Weiser_Cain
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    Weiser_Cain polycounter lvl 16
    Groovy. The forehead looks a little high, he doesn't 'look' like wolverine. Whatever that muscle is that connects the back of the neck to the shoulder is called, it's too small. Lower body doesn't look as buff/cool as the top half, my legs are bigger than that.
  • JordanW
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    JordanW sublime tool
    Yeah he doesnt really look like wolverine, granted that's subjective to an extent but your guy looks kinda old and not as grizzly as wolverine
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    Welcome to Polycount.

    I still say you need to pull those verts on the sides of his stomach in a tad to cut down on that boxiness.
  • pogonip
    Man some more loving on that texture and he'll look f-ing sweet !
  • Mark Dygert
  • ewooz
    How cool is that!!ooo.gifWow, keep him old as you have chosen to do. That's allowed you know, do things slightly different than all the "boring" strapping young Wolverines out there wink.gif It actually is done with a few other comics characters, not in 3D but Frank Miller did Batman as an old guy in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. And we all remember how cool that was(Well at least fossils like me)!!
  • Slum
    Looking nice, indeed. It seems like you're going for a mixture of the comic styling and the movie version of him.

    I think the lack of it feeling like the Wolverine we know and love is completely in his expression. Wolverine is known to have a pissed off look on his face pretty much exclusively.

    I think adding some scruff to his face, pull down the hair line, maybe some bushier alpha plane'd eyebrows would possibly help him read better as Wolverine. Mask the old-guy with subtle animalistic angriness.

    Just my two cents, for what it's worth.
  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir ngon master
    i disagree ewooz. wolverine is supposed to be young looking, thats one of the side effects of the mutant power he has. he is over 120 years old, but his healing factor keeps him in his ultimate physical condition.
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 17
    Nice example of normal mapping. It looks really good in some areas, and in others it's kind of bland. Like the arm musculature looks great, and so do the wrinkles on the shirt, but the face and the pants are nowhere near the same quality. Hopefully the hair being finished will help, and a facial expression would go a long way as well.
  • ewooz
    Ouch! I forgot about that almighty_gir. My excitement got me lost in a totally different dimension. Also I haven't read X-men since the early 80's when the Canadian John Byrne was the hottest comics’ artist and he revamped x-men into an ace story driven highlight of the month. Hey, perhaps it could be a Wolverine from one of those "What if"-issues that Marvel used to do, I don't know if they are still doing those, but they were quite cool. They had alternative stuff going on, like what if Peter Parker's Uncle survived and other stuff. But what if Wolverine lost the resurrecting side to his mutant powers? Never mind... Move along... Though I still like the way you are portraying Wolverine, Pedro. smirk.gif
  • spider2cool
    i agree with most everyone, he looks too old...that was my first inpression even before i read anyone elses comments. the texturing on the otherhand is awsome. the arems look well sculpted. looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  • Dio
    Im with the pro-older crowd. Sure he's 120 but does his regenerative powers mean he's immortal. Seems like if his powers did make him immortal he'd look to be in his early teens, having awakened his mutant powers at puberty. Its all subjective.

    What is the patch on his jeans. Labels go there but if is one that has the belt go under I cant see Wolverine no cutting it off as those are a bit annoying, at least to me, again its all subjective. I think the front stomach could be tucked in, other than that, objectively its great work. I think the hair will be fine once the bushiness has been painted in.
  • DarthRevanII
    surprised these haven't been noted yet...hmm...oh well
    Before i go into my crits, could we have some Ortho's please? (front, side, back views), and fairly large ones if you can

    Couple things..
    #1 It's not that his forehead is too high, like previously suggested, but his hair slicks back WAY too fast. Unless he has a crapload of gel in his hair, the way you have it is very unrealistic. Relatively speaking, his hair should have like a half inch rise from his forehead. It takes away the definition from his physical body, and makes his hair look very thin in the front. Might even want to add in another plane coming off his head for "stray" hairs. Wolverine wasn't exactly concerned with great hygene and all that...

    #2 your wife-beater is portraying two, and two TOTALLY different looks, and its REALLY destroying the form of the model. In some areas, you make the wife-beater look tight, and clingy to his skin, showing his muscletone. Yet in other areas (in some places, the exact SAME area), the wife-beater is loose, and almost "stretched." I know its fabric and it will still bunch up and loosen in some areas, but the way you painted it, it gives the feeling of "loose/stretched" areas. It really takes away from the model

    #3 last but not least, my most vague crit smile.gif. Something is wrong with the anatomy of the body. I pretty much can tell the butt is too small/tight, and the pelvic area is way too small (his nuts HAVE to be getting smashed :\ ouchie) either pull it up on the skin and stretch the model down farther, OR pull the pelvic area down farther on the mesh, it just seems too small to me. Once again relatively speaking, I think adding two inches or more would help, but not totally sure (could be wrong on that whole idea all together)
    But back to the body, something is off about his upper body. It might be the extent of the buldge of the muscle on his back under the arm (basically the muscle that makes the back of your armpit, connects to the shoulder) Once again I think if you fix the wife-beater it will fix this also, but something just seems off about his body :\

    Besides all that, it's looking great bro...hope it wasnt too much to read :x

    OH YEA! need a bulge where his blades come out as previously suggested...it probly needs some blood visible around the extrusion area...it DOES pierce his skin anyway...

    Oh! also!
    the hairs on his arm look exactly like the ones of his chest...thats kinda wierd...becuase they both aren't that hairy...the chest is fine but the arm needs more hair IMHO
  • Pedro Toledo
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    Pedro Toledo polycounter lvl 12
    WOW! This is a fast, accurate, constructive, focused forum! smile.gif I'm impressed by the quality of the crits... I'm glad I found it wink.gif Thanks all!

    Well about the overall comments of his look:
    I really don't like the too young and fresh look new commic books put on the characters. Wolverine had a rough life, and even with his powers I believe he gets old, slowlly, but he does.

    When I started reading commics Wolverine was drawn as a man around 35 years old. He was quite different (older) from his team partners (school students).

    Anyway, I don't want him to look really young, but I dont want him to look too old either.

    I made a few changes, please tell me what you think.

    I changed the hair line, pulling it down the forehead. Mesh is exactly the same, just painted a bit more brown in the map.

    I also dimmed the normal map around the chin... It made that area looks a bit younger.

    Finally, I gave him some "Wolverine Expression", with the ciggar (just a cilinder with a self-illuminated noise - please, no crits about it! :P )

    I'm my honest oppinion, he is looking like the image I have in my mind of the Character. I hope you like it too smile.gif

    hobodactyl - Thanks! I know waht you mean... I'm not sure about it cause I want to animate him without the claws too. This way I would have to have two maps for the hands... I'm still thinking about it. Thank you.

    malcom - smile.gif thanks... I'm not sure about what you mean by pitch black shadows on the arms, but if it's a good think it's ok to me! smile.gif Thank you.

    El-PIG - Thanks dude smile.gif

    almighty_gir - I'm working on it. Hehehe... Kurt Russel...

    Weiser - Thanx. About the legs, I'm not sure about them either... But he is supposed to be a short guy. Maybe short legs fit well. Let's see.

    thinman - Tell me what you think now smile.gif

    Jackblade - Thank you smile.gif About these verts, what do you think is making them look boxy? Is it that the stomach is porjected forward? I want to give him that tough atitude, with a strage posture. I hope it come toghether after I rig him. If that's not what you are talking about, please let me know.

    pogonip and Vig - Thanks a lot smile.gif

    ewooz - hahaha... I'm probably a fossil too smile.gif We read the same comic books, Dark Knight, John Byrne's X-men, alpha flight. Good times! smile.gif

    Slum - Yeah, I did pretty much as you said smile.gif Still need to work on the animalistic side and on the alpha planed eyebrows. Thanks!

    poopinmymouth - Thank you smile.gif Pants are really wip, just starting them. I'll try my best. About the face, maybe lighting wasn't helping to much on the last images. Tell me what you thing of these new renders. Thanks!

    spider2cool - Thanks a lot.

    Dio - I'm in the same crowd! smile.gif Totally agree with you.
    About the patch... lol, you may have a good point here. I'll consider it. Thanx.

    DarthRevanII - Thanks for all this writting!

    About the hair, you are right, it was too flat. I pulled down the hair line witch made the hair grows a bit. Hope you like it.

    About the wife-beater (lol, I didnt know that was how it's called in english, for a moment I touth "what?!? he ins't even married!?!!") I really like the wrinckles on the front side of it. Those bigger loosen ones on the back seems odd to me too. Ill work on them. Thanks.

    The last but not least crit is not vague at all! It's quite right. I have alreaddy noticed it, I tryed to pull down the pelvic area, but it didn't work. After I finish all maps I'll try to raise his hips a bit. I just don't do it now because if I decide to change something in the normal map I would have to change the highpoly model too... I'm not on this mood right now! :P

    Thanks a lot! smile.gif




  • DarthRevanII
    Yea, i think you will come to really like this forum wink.gif

    Don't really know what all exactly you changed, but it looks so much better than last time wink.gif It's always the little stuff that builds up and affects a model, good to see you were able to bring Wolverine out more in your model, looks great laugh.gif

    Haha, yea, its a tank-top/wife-beater...I dont call them tank-tops becuase some tank-tops actually look different than this, so. Haha, thats funny though :x

    And one last thing about the hair, definately an improvement, however I'm still seeing the same thing. I think once i see the final skin on the hair though, the depth and reality of the hair will be seen, and it will fix the "flatness" that I personally still see, so get back to work >:o heh laugh.gif
  • los
    looks good so far dude. Not sure If its been mentioned but, the pelvic area apears quite short. bring the crotch down alittle I think. pretty good interpretation of him though.
  • Lee3dee
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    Lee3dee polycounter lvl 12
    Logan looks awesome! Are you going to make him a Xmen suit too? Stunning work!
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    [ QUOTE ]
    WOW! This is a fast, accurate, constructive, focused forum! I'm impressed by the quality of the crits... I'm glad I found it Thanks all!

    [/ QUOTE ]Bit better than Threedy, aint it.

    [ QUOTE ]
    Thank you About these verts, what do you think is making them look boxy? Is it that the stomach is porjected forward? I want to give him that tough atitude, with a strage posture. I hope it come toghether after I rig him. If that's not what you are talking about, please let me know.

    [/ QUOTE ]Its the sides I think could come in a bit. The Lat muscles. You just need to pull the verts at the midpoint between his hips and ribs in a little bit to give his torso a bit more form. It should make him look a bit more dynamic and athletic. Doesn't need to be all that much seeing as you're going for a much more down to earth look for the character than his comic book incarnation, but some degree of definition there would really help, I believe.
  • Timex
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    Timex polycounter lvl 15
    really cool the models boy laugh.gif , you are from spain ? ,i can't hope to see it finish laugh.gif
  • Zeldrik
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    Zeldrik polycounter lvl 12
    I kind of like his 'boxy' torso, gives him character...but so much of this is subjective.

    Looking awesome, cant wait to see it finished. I do think on the side profile his tummy is sticking out too much, maybe its just the way it meets his pelvis but the silhouette looks odd.

    Mind posting the normal maps?
    They are very effective.
  • JBoskma
    Awesome! Great use of normal mapping indeed. No comments.
  • DarthRevanII
    /rants for update

    !!! >:O
  • Rhinokey
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    Rhinokey polycounter lvl 11
    i've always prefered the older wolvie, i hate comic book artis tendency to make everyone look like 22 year old pro body builders,

    i prefer wolvie to be stocky, and short, (original wolvie was only 5'3" just like astrozombie!) but not body builder toned, i also like him with the gnarly mean and tough face, blunt hook shaped nose, and bushy eye brows almost animal like and scruffy, like marc silvestri drew him, but if i ever did my own version he would be more animilistic,
  • moose
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    moose Polycount Sponsor
    thats pretty cool laugh.gif

    he seems kinda dry, and plastic-y skin. otherwise i dig laugh.gif

    put some more sweat stains, blood, and dirt on his clothes! he's an ANNNIIIMMAAALLL.
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